Mad Constructor On Robot, Sormann At Work (3D)


A new picture of my mad constructor character on top of his
Body enlargement robot.

I am interrested in any opinion.


Ha, ha…The dice add a nice touch. Are they air fresheners by any chance?

Great work.

I can’t wait to see these characters come to life. Will you be posting an animation soon? The suspense is killing me.


No crit here, only compliments. It looks very nice. I love the cartoony yet realistic look to it.:thumbsup:


really nice work…love the render. what rendering software are you using?


great pic! the fuzzy dice are a great touch!!

only thing i personnally would change is perhaps a tweak in teh lighting to bring the robot/character out a bit from the background. maybe just making the background a bit darker would do it, but right now it doesn’t stand out as much as i would like… but really thats just a minor quibble, as its a great image :beer:





Wahahahah! Great!!! :applause:

Very very nice idea! And amazing stuff as usual! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies!
I really thought about the lighting comments and
tried to make a version with darker Background.


I actually like the first version better, before you changed the lighting. It looks more like a painting. The new one looks more like computer output. Its very subtle but that’s just the impression I get. Great job on everything by the way.


nice one!!..second pic looks better the first one looked too similar to it’s environment…


yeowsa! This sure is impressive! :bowdown: I’m so stunned I dun know what to do except :smiley: :applause:


I think it needs more contrast between the character and background.


Rather than tweaking the lighting, maybe try adding a little depth of field to separate the character from the background.


hell yeah!:beer:


great!..i love ur style.


One word


Your work is phenominal, you have inspired a lot of what I do. Not only can you model and texture with ninja skill, you can animate with it too…

Keep on wrockin it.

Tyler Hunter


Hey Sormann,

lovely design. Allways loved your way of texturing, modeling
and lighting things. Yet, I´d guess this one may benefit from
a more dramatic lighting of the backround. Not neccessarily
completly darker or out of focus, but with the same colored
and contrasty light you put into the characters.

Something like a strong semisharp shadow cast from the
bot onto the backround, stretched and distorted across
the backround. Allmost as if the shadow had a life of his own:-)

Or to keep it simpler, fading off light with distance to camera.
As if he came out of the dark. Blue, soggy darkness.

Oops, yes it´s your pic - not mine…




thanks for the replies.
I really have to work on the Background more.
Anyway the current back is a replacement for the reactor
room setting I am planning to create for this scene, but this will take a while.


sorry i was think iam in another Forum…

Great work… 2nd one is much better more readable!



Whoa! It reminds me of Dr. Willy in Capcom’s Megaman for the Nintendo 8-bit! :buttrock:

You’ve got a really nice individual style here though, that has no resemblance to Megaman :slight_smile: So don’t get me wrong!