Machineflesh Runner-Up, Greg Petchkovsky (3D)


Title: Machineflesh Runner-Up
Name: Greg Petchkovsky

This image was entered for the Machineflesh Challenge. You can see the full entry here.


it is so delicacy one .i like it :bounce:


Another great piece from the machine flesh chalenge. Your piece and antroposus piece were my favorites throughout and its great to see your piece win and now to see it in the choice galerie. Im here in FL sittin out Francis but next to that creature you captured in your piece its nothing. Good luck to you and congrats on the award.


Great work, this piece was my favorite. :smiley:


Werepony 9.0? amazing. the realism just makes it that much more repulsive. the skin and body hair are perfect. this looks like something i would draw. another quesiton of “built that way?” or “modified from something else?” nice work on lighting/environment. my crit would be that the hands don’t really look planted. hind foor does, you can feel the weight on it. but the hands seem to be floating just a milimeter above the surface. other than that, it just blows me away. maybe someday i could pull something like that…


wonderfull, very good composition


man I thought you’ll gonna win the contest…didn’t like that much the winnin’ image but hey …it’s not ower call…cheers man…maybe next time:applause:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i love it~~~


Yours was my favorite entry on the challenge … beautiful work! :thumbsup:


Congratualtions for some top quality work.

I’m intrigued to know what techniques you’ve used to achieve such a great effect. I’ve had a quick look through your thread but there are still a few question i’d like to ask, particularly with regards to the realistic skin (I feel that was something lacking in my own entry that I want to improve on next time round).

Firstly, I know you’re using Max but what are you rendering it with? Are you using an HDRI to light it?

What type of material is the skin? What components have you used to build it up?

How have you gone about making the eye? That thing looks way superior to anything i’ve acieved in the past. Looking at your mesh it looks like there’s some pretty intense modelling going on inside that thing.

I hope you don’t mind sharing your hard earned secrets - I guess being pestered for techniqes comes with success :slight_smile:

Cheers man,
Dave Marsh


fantastic work, well done!


This is my favourite machineflesh piece!great detail and idea!


Swamps, the skin in your entry looks great to me.To answer your questions:

I rendered with vray, the reflections come from HDRI maps, but the lighting is just sky lights and area lights. The skin has glossy (blurry) fresnel reflections, which adds allot. The skin texture has a few different layers, a base tiled skin bitmap, vertex colours to give redness around the elbows and around the mechanical implants, procedural tan and freckles, and some veins and mud smudges.

The eye has a few elements, I was going for a fish eye type look, so what I did is a bit different to the human eye. I made a base opaque object for the iris, on top of that a refractive layer of geometry, and then I added this weird lumpy lens object, which isn’t really anatomically realistic, but gives the eye an unusual look. See the attached image for a clearer explanation.

Thanks everyone!


Hi Greg, fantastic work! what did you use to generate the environment? is the background image the actual HDRI that you used? Also did you use the HDRI for the environment lighting aswell?


I like this combination with animals and machines
Good Work!


awesome looking character. The lighting looks convioncing too.


Detailed, maybe nothing original… but still a great job, nice going…


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