Machineflesh Runner-Up, Bernardo Delgado (3D)


Title: Machineflesh Runner-Up
Name: Bernardo Delgado

This image was entered for the Machineflesh Challenge. You can see the full entry here.


beautiful!and very innervation!great of the muscle :slight_smile:


greeat! thanks cgtalk and cgnetworks for this award! :slight_smile: , aditional info:
modeled in Max 6 and Silo
render& shaders with final render
textures&background made in photoshop



This is the one I voted for. Great concept work.


good job~~~学习~:thumbsup:


Wow,this is really cool. I like this very much!


foot is very small


looks reallly good, the foot thing isnt that bad

does anyone else see the irony of it being the “runnerup” in the challenge?


cool idea,nice textures…simple but nice


• As a suggestion, it seems for me that if you take a look to the throat it would see much better if you make it thiner, the size of feet seems ok for me, but thinner throat will give her an elegance touch and more aerodynamic feeling

Good job!


good i like that


Yes this is very fresh, i love the concept very good job, the and extremely well done pose good job. hurray for cybernetics!! :thumbsup:

“Life is but a constant battle i wish you all good luck in the trenches” :thumbsup:


Bellissimo…ottima idea quella del cavo e dei muscoli “sottovetro”!

Great Job!


thanks! I’m really pleased for the replies of profesionals =) , :bounce: greetings guys! keep the good work ! :thumbsup:


outstanding~ :slight_smile:


amazing work


great work, I like the sponsors:)


Truley beautiful.


Honestly I like this one better than the one that won. Great friggin job man!


This remind sme of all the talk of performance in enhancement drugs going on t the olympics. I love the theme.