Machineflesh Challenge Questions/Issues


… 5 …


— 6 ----






jesus maaaaaaaaaan…that’s a cool waiting …I’m learning to number too :thumbsup:

soon I’ll start with the black sheeps if something will not happenin’ soon…at my job office I’ve made such a big portofolio waitin’…we finished the game allready a mounth ago and we have nothing to do…

I’ve made even an image after the one in the contest but I believe I can’t post it until the winners are shown :(… do I?

still numbering…9…


— 10 —

Machineflesh contest or Neverending contest…


— 10 and one more —


I heard someone commit suicide, this waiting is just too much; we are getting old…








maaaan 9 is my number…I didn’t suicide like I’m writeing :))))))))))

give me back my place…I tell you to my mother :cry: :cry: :cry:

I think we are all crazy wright now…did you look at yourself???..look into the mirror people…what this contest make of you…craaaaaaaazyyyy peeeeeeeeoples

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :buttrock: :buttrock:


NOOOOOOO!!!, I want the number 9!, I’m not crazy!, I’ll go for you to Romania for the number 9!, I could kill for the number 9!, I could conquer the world for the number 9!, I’M NOT CRAZY!, I’m not mad!, I’m not a bag, I’m not a freak, I’m not at SIGGRAPH, I’m not alife, I’m the one that have commited suicide! :curious:


Adrixwha, R U available? :smiley:


Yep. here I am…
And my number is 13 in hexadecimal :smiley:


My obsessive complusive disorder is in over drive… checking Cgtalk every 5 mins… PLZ let it end soon=)…


Adrixwha, “D” nice number for a beautiful girl, do U want to have a online-date here in CG talk with a hansom mosquito? :smiley:

EDIT: (I’m joking) yeah, I’m joking, I’m not crazy, yeah, I’m not crazy, don’t you believe me? I’m not a human, but I’m not crazy, yeah, it sounds crazy but it is not, I’m not, or I am?


:rolleyes: chispas! este…

Sorry, very busy here coding classes and JSPs, compiling, rebuilding, running Jboss, debugging…

Just reading cgtalk each five minutes too, wondering for news…
Here a puzzle game, Pentamino, to let time fly

And by the way, some news about the next challenge? will be 2D and 3D?


:scream: :scream: :scream:
Tomorrow is the last day of SIGGRAPH. I think is natural if the results are announced just after tomorrow (maybe between Friday and Saturday?).
But for some reason, I started to check this thread 5-5 minutes also, LOL

ps.: Dimi, I HATE YOU!!!


Hey mates let me own the number 9. that was may birthday’s date…monday. So machineflesh announcement is not one of my gifts…am sad…hup. I have a deadline this evening but it’s quite hard to work with crashed brain. Waiting is fun.

Next CGTalk challenge topic: wasted time…:buttrock:
Happy hours to you…


Not in the contet myself. But am anxious to see who wins…

Trem…You know…That actually sounds like a good subject for a contest. While we wait. What would your concept for this contest be. come on! Fess up folks…

By the way. Since we’re snagging numbers I’ll take 6^2 (6 squared)!



Okay guys, I’ve emailed all the winners and runner-ups. We’ll be making a public announcement in the next day (hopefully! With Leonard at Siggraph things are a little chaotic here in the inner-workings of CGTalk and CGNetworks…)