Machineflesh Challenge Questions/Issues


When u will announce the winner!!!



Soon! We promise!

We have the final judging in, votes are mostly tallied, but the weighting (public/private voting) and stuff is still yet to be done.

Then we have the big announcement to make up and stuff, but everyone’s so busy with SIGGRAPH!

Not to mention, half of our team is going to be flying to LA this weekend, using up more valuable time… :wink:

It’ll be done… and soonish too. Not exactly sure when, but it’ll hopefully be next week or the week after.

Sorry guys, we’re doing it as fast as we can!


I’m very excited with this, the announcement of EXPOSÉ 3 and your marriage!

Congrats! :buttrock:


Congrats from me too Leo … :thumbsup:

btw I am getting married on the 27th August :slight_smile: … some few days more …:slight_smile:



Thanks to everyone for their admirable patience… I know who the winners are :wink:

We’re just preparing the announcement… I need to notify the winners first though. We’re moving as fast as we can with this, so just sit tight and all will be revealed soon!


Oh wow! So, not too long to go then, Leigh? Awesome -

  • – gjpetch, start checking your seatbelts :smiley:


Great news looking forward to seeing the results… Best of luck to everyone…


that’s great news after this time waiting…can’t wait to see who’s the winners…good luck everyone :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Patience??? What patience? What winners? Is there any contest? Tell me… come on! I wanna enter.
The last one I remember had something to do with Machines… and Flesh… I think!.. something like that.
But I think it was cancelled… or forgotten! We didn’t get to know who won!!!
Some say that all the members of the jury were taken to… “nooneknowsreallywhere”, and have been forced to never speak again about this subject!!! I dont believe that!
I just hope they’re ok.
Is there any new contest now? :bounce:


What will be out first - the results of the Machine-Flesh Challange or HL2 ???

Just kidding… Yeah after such hard and long work in which I’ve done better then I’ve ever done before, the fact that I’ve almost forgotten compeletely about the challage is both amaizing and alarming… Sure I don’t expect to win, but I do want to know who won.
My commanders (in the Army) are certain that I lied about the reason I took those days off, it’s been long since they stopped asking me weather I won or not…

Anyway, No hard feelings… we’re all patient… it comes with the profession… :shrug:


Yeah sorry about the delay guys. There is just a little confusion about the lists of winners and since our tech guy is in Australia and I am in South Africa, co-ordinating communication is a little tricky. I’m hoping that within the next few hours, I can sort out the confusion and move along as planned :slight_smile:


There’s enough cool SIGGRAPH info around to keep us busy another day or two anyway… Take your time, crew.


Yes …take your time…i am calm…:banghead::banghead: …:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding


Hey is the time comin? Days or hours are left… It’s an other part of the game… I’m lucky with the doom3. If you’re nervous about waiting try yourselves with this stuff…useful…honestly



He he he!
Exactly that! Awesome stuff just don’t stop coming!


Combined with waiting for the dreaded challenge results, we basically get Dickens:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”


at any rate the suspense is getting deadly :scream:


If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger :wise:

Oh, I hate that quote…


That makes 2 of us :slight_smile:


As I suffer from a multiple personality disorder, it actually makes 4 of us.