Machineflesh Challenge Questions/Issues


I just got my ars kicked by a guy named Azrael…Ila don’t worry i am on an ISDN 64k…so it’s ok…lol…someone will come?..

ut2004://…add it to favorites of the game…again tomorrow…(someone will come …eventually)


cheers james for clearing that up.


Dimi, well I got inside 50 minutes after your post , i found the server/map but noone was inside!
If you can name the exact time for tonight!
I’ll be there!

I was inside yesterday and I playied a few maps with other guys with my 56K modem!
No problem, it’s cool!

Be there!


roger roger…i will announce the time of the confict tonight…i hope someone will be inside …
In any case try everyone to see where the server is and add it to favourites…just think that when we 'll stop playing the results of the challenge will be already anounced!

RELOAD,REV UP, RIDE OUT …or something like that …har har

P.S : I hope we are not doing something wrong by organizing this in here MODS! least we will stop wining about challenge results…hehehe!



Since I don’t have UT, we could arrange things so that I handle the whining, and you guys can continue fragging eachother - that way we cover all bases! :smiley:


Heres a question. Since the voting and final results are running longer than expected due to circumstances, will the next challenge be pushed off? I vaguely remember reading somewhere (Still can’t remember where) that the next challenge was going to be posted late August. Since they were expecting issues with SIGGRAPH getting in the way.

Now I could be wrong here, but I would think since they have the necessary backend to put up a challenge completed and working well then putting up the next aside from challenge title and content shouldn’t be to difficult. At least it would appear that way. Is this something that will cause the following challenge to be pushed off as well?


[QUOTEI was inside yesterday and I playied a few maps with other guys with my 56K modem!No problem, it’s cool! QUOTE]

Lucky you!!! Been there but nobody is around.

Did i read organizing a team for UT2004 mod? That’s cool, i support the idea…Who will take the lead?


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Me definitely playing tonight…i will be in the server of UT2k4 in half an hour from now (11.25PM now GMT +2)

Server ip is on top of this page !!!


Well Dimitri I’d give your challenge a go if I could find the site.
But besides that i’m puzzled to heck as to where my thread for the MacFlesh challenge went especially since I had at least 250 more views and 4 more posts than the least viewed entrants.
And since the pertinent threads to this query are all now locked I can’t ask administration what gives?
The webmaster@ sent an auto response that says this issue not an issue that they deal with.
Guess I’m SOL.


Hi folks!

As Leo said, everybody (not just here at Ballistic / CGTalk / CGNetworks, but the whole industry) is busy working towards SIGGRAPH. It probably didn’t help any that I just got married and took a week off for the honeymoon either ;). I got married to my beautiful wife on the 24th

A quick update though - we’ve got at least most of the votes from the judges (I think we’re missing a few still, but they shouldn’t be long I hope). Tallying should take place soonish, then we’ve still got the prep work and announcements and stuff to do, but after that we can let you know who actually won the darn thing already :wink:

I’ve had a quick look at the disappearing thread thing, it’s not that they’re disappearing, only that the forum will (by default) hide any thread that’s been inactive for a month.

Check out this:

Down the bottom is a “Show threads” box. Choose the “From the” option “Beginning”. (ie. show threads from the beginning). Click the “Show threads” button next to it.

See this:



Sorry for being a pest.


Hi Robert,

Congratulations to you and your wife!!! Wish you all the bests!

Thanks for the info about the work behind the scenes,



Congratulations Mibus for you marriage!

… and live happily ever after!! :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates!


Mibus said …
…It probably didn’t help any that I just got married and took a week off for the honeymoon either . I got married to my beautiful wife on the 24th

CONGRATS Mibus…now you will able to discover the real nature of women…heheheehe
…i am joking !!!..hehe …it’s worse!!!…no i mean it’s cool and i really wish for you and your wife the very best.

P.S : i don’t suppose i did something wrong by trying to make everyone go play UT2K4 with me in this thread ? …did i :slight_smile:



Yeah - good luck now Mibus, you’re definitely going to need it :smiley: Soon enough you’ll notice that tricksy servers that refuse to do what they’re supposed to do is NOTHING in terms of general tricksiness…

Nah, congrats man!


…couldn’t said it better JamesMK !!! U DA MAN!


No no no, Dimitris - YOU da man! :smiley:


:applause: Congratulations on getting married Mibus…seems like a good reason for taking time off…

Hoped to see you guys at Siggraph, but a big job has come in…so can’t make it…still, have fun (at home and at Siggraph) and I look forward to seeing the voting results soonish :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As it happens, I’m pretty lucky with the girl I’ve snatched up… she’s very cool, even if she has a shocking sense of direction and hates computers ;).

I’ve been with those “tricky” girls before… I actually thought I wouldn’t date again for about two years after the last one! Buy my now-wife and I get on so well (everyone always said we were a “cute couple”, even when we weren’t dating!) that I couldn’t pass her up :slight_smile:

My wife is (thankfully) extremely accepting of the fact that I like computers and often want to do stuff with them, she takes care of me (makes my lunch! yay! ;)). We had a really nice peaceful honeymoon in Sydney - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, honeymoons are to relax from the wedding planning, and get away from annoying family members :wink:

I won’t be at SIGGRAPH, but I think most of the Ballistic staff will be. I’m going to be working peacefully here looking after EXPOSE3 call-for-entries (did I just say that? ;)) and enjoying not having Leo or Mark wandering past asking “Hey can you get $THING done today?”! :wink:

(Once I get my wedding photos back, I should be able to zoom/crop one of them so you guys get to see Leo in a Tux, trying to hide in the background of a group photo :))


Congratulations Robert for you marriage!
Its a turning point in everybodys life, and I wish you and your family a “House of Stone”!!!
It`s a romanian wish.