Machineflesh Challenge Questions/Issues


I got an idea…why don’t we do an unofficial challenge while waiting the results of the official one!!!..har…har :bounce: :bounce: …i am not kidding…i just had too much coffee again… :bounce:


ok everyone is the end of the contest and is my first time in one contest of this kind i just want to all of you that win the best…[font=Comic Sans MS]:)[/font]


I got an idea…why don’t we do an unofficial challenge while waiting the results of the official one!!!..
Would be cool! Our voting is over, so it will not affect the official results :smiley:

Lets put our 5 favourites in our threads (or here)! -which place did U prefer?


Good luck everyone… some really awesome work…


heya, just wondering why there are only three pages of threads in each of the 3d and 2d machineflesh forums, where have they gone? sorry if this has already been answered, i havnt kept up to date lately cos of irritating slow internet.


eupee: The number of threads actually displayed is filtered according to their last update (whenever the last post was made)… Look in the lower left corner in the forum, and you’ll see a combobox saying “show threads from [last month]” or something similar. Change that to something else and you’ll find more threads.


Thanks Leonard for the update!
You have all the support from Greece! Good luck with the event, too bad I can’t go, maybe next year!

Rock on!


No…no…forget voting and who is voted and that stuff…i mean let’s make a speed challenge …a 1-2 weeks theme…just to have fun and stop giving Leonard and Mibus headaches about the results…
So …is anyone liking the idea…


2nd idea…

Lets find a server and gather all cgtalkers to play Unreal Tournament 2004 …heheheh :bounce:
(i like this better…hehehehe)


UT2004…What an xcellent idea!

Between two challenges, UT could be an official time eater.

You have the point Dimitris :wavey:


Speed challenge!

Theme suggestion:
Waiting for Godot

Starting posting your sketches in this thread, ladies and gentlemen!


OLE !!! :bounce: :bounce:

Waiting for Moderators to give a go??? :deal:


They’re too busy with SIGGRAPH preparations to moderate this thread :smiley:

Damn I’m funny! Sorry, no harm intended guys…


So nobody likes my second idea about an Unreal Tournament 2004 date on a specific server which i would gladly look up tonight? :twisted: :scream: :twisted: …ehhh???

har har…



I beat ya all, antz!


Anybody know what framerate to expect when running UT on a Celeron 466? :smiley:


That’s it…that does it …FIGHT !!! :twisted:

i will post tonight (in about 6 hours ) a server for Onslaught …probably one othe official Atari servers…I come under the Name LIATSWAGEN…kill kill kill !!:bounce:

Hey JamesMK …i think it will play just fine…just don’t go over 800x600 res…!

I 'll be back …with the server info tonight!!!..:twisted:


Count me in Dimi!
Great idea!
Too sad that YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LAST TOO LONG MY FRIENDS! :scream: :scream:

Waiting the server info!

Yeap You are going to be fine! Don’t put this one on the computer my friend.
You are going down tonight! :slight_smile: :wip:



i will be waiting in about 45 minutes from now…current status 0/16 players…




Now It’s Ons -severance…going

The match starts now … although i am alone in there …


If I had a DSL or T1, I’d beat ya, but with my 56k connection, well I am already beaten! :slight_smile: