Machineflesh Challenge Questions/Issues


ohhh, darnit, i thought he did make it… :hmm: we ll that sucks, its a great model, but yes, i feel its a tad undertextured(ran out of time…), but darn, he didnt make it…that sucks, well sorry for the confusion.


Yah right Snarl and Airworks you guys are just so very sad over this.:rolleyes:
Sandpiper:I agree,well said.:thumbsup:
Snarl get off of the whole harnelbe texture thing too,it’s way too obvious where you are coming from!LOL you are quite transparent.:rolleyes:


Dear Leonard,

Thanks a lot for the help here, you’re a great person and CGTalk is just too cool to use the correct words to describe it.

Another question… Yeah, about the same subject :rolleyes:

I’ve submited a image in zip format and everything ok, but as I said before is not exactly the same as my final WIP image… I read:

Minor tweaking of your final image is allowed, but nothing major. Only tweaks necessary to display at a higher resolution will be allowed, anything else will probably disqualify you.

But I checked out my mail today and:

Dear Entrant,

Your Machineflesh entry ( has been
successfully uploaded and

I was thinking in replacing my uploaded zip, but after reading this mail I don’t know if my final image has been accepted and I can’t be disqualified or not.

And, Thanks to the system for that birthday congratulation :beer: :smiley:


Its so obvious ? :slight_smile: … why ? ( please answer to me in my thread … its the wrong place here to go on … ) you`re invited :slight_smile: or you can find me in MSN
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Dear Admin.

I am about to post My Final TIFF…I’s it accepteble to change to background color from white to black in the image…I don’t want to add a different layer…just change the coloring …the white is so harsh when the image is sized up to higher res and makes it impossible to see the image properly…would that fall under the same categorie as “higher res texures or models ???” both those options are to make the image look better at larger size…changing the background color (not adding a whole new layer or anything) be OK…please let me know…



Can you show me your WIP and your final TIFF image? I want to see how different they are. I don’t have access to the TIFF as the email was an automated response from the server.

As we said in the FTP upload guidelines, the image has to be the same. If we sample down the TIFF to the same size as the JPG uploaded via the web system, it should look identical. You’re only allowed to do minor tweaks such as touching up textures for high resolution increasing subdivisions on meshes, etc.



No you cannot change color. As mentioned, the final TIF should be identical to the JPG web upload when compared. What you can tweak is restricted to tweaking stuff that looks bad at high resolution - eg. texture resolution/details and mesh subdivisions, fixes.

We ask for a print resolution TIF because we want people to start thinking of high resolution output when creating their works. We see so much good stuff submitted for EXPOSE’ that looks CRAP at print resolution - it’s appalling! We want to push artists to produce work for print output, and think about the issues associated with it - this makes you a better and more marketable artist as your works will be print ready at any time.





Thanks for the quick response, I respect and understand these rules and thank you for the explination…


the DevistatoR))



My Final WIP:

My Final uploaded for print:

I’m anticipating your answer… Yeah! There are TOO different :rolleyes:.


Hey that’s a bit too different. You’ll need to re upload - use the same filename and upload to overwrite the previous file. To confirm, please email - Rob will check it and make sure that it’s ok.




Originally Posted by Leonard
2. We are emailing people to confirm that their final FTP entries are in…

Maybe this is a silly question, I apologize first…:blush:
In this moment it’s June 23… and I haven’t received that email…
But in the Submit Final Entry there is a little pic of my tiff…
So, shall I not be worried about the email?


I think it should be fine. But it you want to double check, please contact Robert Mibus, our Technical Officer who is in charge of the Machineflesh Challenge entries. You can email him at




Just tryed uploading my TIFF, everything seemed fine with the transfer but I’m not seeing the small thumbnail I’ve heard you are suposed to see?

Should I Upload again?


As per previous post:

If you want to double check, please contact Robert Mibus, our Technical Officer who is in charge of the Machineflesh Challenge entries. You can email him at


has the voting started? I’m sure every1 is anxious for the announcement ;p


There will be an announcement when it has started.


Kindof a ‘Itll Be Finished When Its Done’ thing? :slight_smile:


Yes! Let the pre-voting anticipation begin! :smiley:

Later on we’ll do the “where’s the final results?” thing too! :bounce:


Speaking of voting I think that there should be a visible vote.Perhaps people interested in voting should write 10,15 or 20 of there top picks not in any praticular order,all in a vote thread,where everyone can see.This way all that should get to the final jury will get there.Otherwise some of the main contenders might get ignored by many due to competition purposes,that would be a shame,but could very well happen in such a case as this.Some of the best just may not get in the top 50% of the vote.
By the way who are the judges,I know a select group,that’s fine,but exactly who are they?Why cant it be known who they are. I mean in boxing matches we all know the three judges,in the Olympics they are shown and known,in beauty contests as well.I think it would be only fair to know who exactly is deciding on three months worth of work.Just one guys thoughts,not trying to step on any “Royal toes” or anything.:slight_smile:


:banghead: voting:banghead: voting:banghead: voting:banghead: voting :banghead: