Machineflesh Challenge Questions/Issues


:rolleyes: No answers… Well… This is so strange… I consider myself a little bit purist in this matters of 3D… I don’t like compositing and retouching and “post” stuff… but CG Talk admits it… With it, sometimes is difficult to distinguish the 3D from the “photoshoping”… Now that it is admitted, artists like us are watching one and a thousand times their work to find mistakes… I think it’s worse to use this time to rectify those mystakes than to change the colors like I did… However, lets have some fun and talk about weather till a moderator replies this…


For first: Thank you Leonard!

Second: I agree with Snarl. Maybe hidden rates and averages should work better for final voting…

Thanks again and have a nice day,


The FTP deadline was extended because many of our users (even myself!) have slow internet connections. Because of this, we allowed for an small extension solely for uploading the high resolution renders.

The milestones uploading was shut down on the deadline, and we will be checking to ensure that everyones high resolution images match their regular final image milestones. The final image must simply be a larger resolution, higher quality render - no additional post production should be done on the high resolution one that was not done to the lower resolution one.


me Im not sur to understand those stars…If I have two stars, that mean everybodies put me “bad”
Or is it with the total of vote? can we know how many “bad” or “average” or else we have?

Me too I think its would be better to hide the vote. But except for our own machineflesh…is it possible?:slight_smile:


Hi all,

Thread ratings are off
I’ve turned off Thread Ratings in the forum. The reason why it was on is because the forums were imported from VBulletin 2 during the upgrade and the permissions had the thread ratings turned on inadvertantly.

Late entries
We had a vote by the mods and 2/3’rds majority voted against all late entries.

  • Ample time and notice was given to all challengers (three months)
  • Challengers were emailed to remind them of the deadline
  • There was a Countdown timer on the website telling how many days, hours, minutes, seconds to the deadline
  • There was a checklist when you uploaded your material that told you which WIP’s you were still missing
  • The GMT timezone was very clear in times stated

In our stats, we found that the vast majority of people that uploaded final images had complied with all the rules and had submitted all WIP milestones as instructed. Only a handful did not submit their WIP’s and there is a checklist in the submissions process that tells you clearly what you did and did not submit. As we gave everyone lot’s of notice, and as the prizes for the challenge are so substantial, we cannot accept any late WIP milestones or entries.

We did, however, extend the FTP final uploads so that people having trouble FTP’ing their works can do so. Judging will only consider completed entries that have all WIP’s and final image.

Comments that were out of line
I also want to note that the entry system is automated. It closed at exactly midnight on 18th June. None of the moderators or admins personally rejected any works. I don’t appreciate some of the comments in various threads hinting that we personally rejected them, calling us “criminal” or such - this is out of line. The rules were stated clearly, we gave everyone three months to do this challenge, with ample email notices, countdown timers, checklists and such. Many challengers completed in full, on time. A handful did not. It’s unfortunate, and some great works will not be considered. Due to the prizes, and the vast majority of people who did manage to get everything in on time, we cannot allow for late entries.




  1. We extended the FTP deadline because people were having connectivity and technical issues with the server. This gives ample time for people to go to different places - friend’s houses, etc. to have the final image uploaded correctly.

  2. Yes, we will be checking for consistency. We are only allowing for tweaks and touch-ups such as adding increasing subdivisions on meshes, higher resolution textures, etc.

  3. We’re not accepting any late entries - ANY late entries.

  4. We’ve been VERY fair in our rules, regulations and upholding them. I don’t appreciate the complaints or the accusations.



Thank you. I feel MUCH better now. The star rating thing was a very scary moment to witness. I knew crazy stuff would stir up with that. I think the deadline resolution is also very fair because everyone who got theirs turned in on time made sure they planned their submissions intelligently.

Should be a great competition in the end…thanks go to the mods for putting in the time to figure out what’s fair and what’s not…


i have one tiny question!!!
why didn’t you send a mail to confirm to people that we have done all clear?
i meen that we have given the final image, and it is ok for us…
i am a bit scare to have give everything.


I already addressed this issue above.

  1. There is a checklist on the system when you login, that tells you if you’ve successfully submitted everything.

  2. We are emailing people to confirm that their final FTP entries are in. We only started this yesterday because it’s a working weekday (the challenge finished near a weekend for Australia).



Hmmm, i almost think that you should be real careful as posting entries as of yet on the main CG Talk page, since it could sway voting or give false premise to entrants and people.


We didn’t post entries on the front page of CGTalk. The Legionary by Fausto DeMartini missed the deadline and will not be considered in the final judging. It’s a fantastic image, and everyone loves it. But we have to stick to the rules as we gave everyone ample time and notice.



I do agree about sticking to the rules, but geez Fausto’s entry would have probably won first place. Sadly whatever wins this contest now will be considered second behind fausto’s image in the minds of many people. Even his w.i.p. images were better than most of the final entries.


To be honest …

He was late … and that he was just 10 minutes late…
if only he would have said … “ahhh I missed the deadline” …but that he had
to mention “just by ten minutes” lets me think what “t… f…” was so important
to do in the last ten minutes not to send his image ?!@ … he cant send his image ten minutes earlier .... ???? it would have been still the winner imho. Its his own really fault .... if there is not another reason which I dont
know about …

there was even one
who had a superb model and because he could`nt start texturing ( maybe there was no UV map … :wink: )
he took just just one “steel/ chrome” texture and he made another render with an "ehm… flesh like " texture and photoshopped them together not
bothering about accuracy at all …but … he made it until the deadline even
with a crappy texture … still better than a lot of the finished entries imho.

I asked Fausto what was so important but he didnt answer ... maybe he didnt see my message …



phew, 21 pages of post is a lot to read through!

I know similar questions have been asked, and it seems like the faq is fairly difinitive on this, but bear with me as i ask, and forgive me if the answer obvious and i need to simply stop fussing over it.

size guidline:
i know you say to submit what you got, no matter the size, but i’m worried mine may be too small (640x480). i would rather people not have to squint to see details, but you say to not resample…

would i be encouraged to resize, or have i simply shot myself in the foot right at the start of this race?


I’ll agree with snarl on this one…

It’s pretty punkish to think that everyone thinks that Fausto’s entry would have won this competition hands down, like it’s some unanynomous decision and agreement amongst all of us here. There are some really great entries that I think we all know about that definitely would have contended with the The Great de Martini’s should-have-been entry.

Believe me, I was just as sad to see his entry not make the deadline as anyone, but he did start REALLY late in the contest and didn’t start texturing till 1 or 2 days before the end of the contest (he mentioned he did the textures in 10 hours!)…

With that said, I respect and deeply admire his work and efforts and encourage him to finish his piece as a great work for the digital art books that come around once or twice a year.

I’m sure the mods are getting annoyed with the “Fausto Conspiracy”…I also think Fausto has been very cool about the whole thing. :applause:


We’re judging on the final image submitted by FTP - this is the high resolution TIFF. The rest are milestones for the Web and 640 is fine.



Dear Leonard
I noticed that you removed something :slight_smile:
sorry ! … I did`nt mean him … I meant the fault …
english is not my native language and in German it would have been
understood …

sorry again
and thanks for removing it …



No probs. I know what you meant…it just could have been taken the wrong way and caused you some trouble.

Take it easy. :thumbsup:



I don’t know if can get in this conversation…but …everybody relax …we are all here to have fun and be better to what we do…make new friends …and have fun ( i mentioned that , didn’t i?…just my 2 cents.


yes yes … I am just sad that he missed the finish line …

no comments anymore from my side …