Machineflesh Challenge: And the winner is...


Combining two of the most popular themes that we have seen in the work posted on CGTalk over the years, namely characters and machines, the fifteenth challenge run by CGNetworks received over 1400 entries in the 3D category and over 700 2D entries, making it almost twice as large as the previously run Alienware challenge.

Having said that, the voting process was no doubt quite a large undertaking, and the time has finally come to announce who will walk away with those incredible prizes!

3D Grand Prize Winner – Krishnamurti M. Costa (Antropus)
3D Boxx Workstation + NVIDIA Quadro FX3000

First Runner-Up – Greg Petchkovsky (gjpetch)
See Entry Here | Discreet 3ds max 6

Second Runner-Up – Ila Soleimani (ila_Solomon)
See Entry Here | Discreet combustion 3

Third Runner-Up – Bernardo Delgado (Bernardo D)
See Entry Here | NVIDIA Quadro FX1100

• • •

2D Grand Prize Winner - Daryl Mandrake (Blackarts)
Wacom Cintiq 18SX Interactive Pen Display

First Runner-Up – [b]Jeff Rey /b
See Entry Here | The Gnomon Workshop Analog DVD Pack (18 DVDs)

Second Runner-Up – [b]Damian Bajowski /b
See Entry Here | The Gnomon Workshop Analog DVD Pack (9 DVDs)

Third Runner-Up – [b]Francis Tsai /b
See Entry Here | Wacom Intuos2 A4 Platinum Edition + 4D Mouse

Honourable mentions (as well as copies of Exposé 1 from Ballistic Publishing) go also to the other finalists in each category:



Udom Ruangpaisitporn (tuck)

Daniel Trbovic (EmpY)

Jason Butler (flinder)

Michael Madic (Virtuoso)

Kurt Boutilier (Kurt B)

Norman Rosenstech (Deadly Force)

Eric Normandin (Cygnus_X)

David Marsh (Swamps)

Ivelin Yordanov (ivelin)

Yvan Verhoeven (Skywatcher)


Jason Chan (Evil Gerbil)

Brian Read (FlyingP)

David Freeman (MrFreeman)

Jonny Duddle (duddlebug)

Panu Uomala (Squibbit)

Paul Davidson (Paul Davidson)

Frederick (vincent_v)

Corlen (Corlinator)

Shawn Alan Peters (shawnalanpeters)

Richard Dumont (Kraull)

See all winners here

How were the winners chosen?

Once public voting was complete, the top entries in each category were moved to a private jury of professional artists and representatives from each of the sponsors, all of whom placed their own votes for the favourite images. These votes were then added to the scores from the private voting to determine the winners.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a fantastic challenge, and thanks also once again to all the sponsors. Congratulations should also go out to every individual who entered this challenge and managed to complete it - there’s always next time to snag yourself a prize…


Very cool…none of the images I liked made it, much to my surprise.:shrug:

Congrats to all of the winners though. There will be some very happy CGTalkers with new toys soon. :applause:


Congrats to all winners! Enjoy your goodies! :slight_smile:


Incredible masterpieces!!! Awards are well-deserved!

MachineFlesh 2? ( hint! )


Congratulations to the winners, and everyone who made it this far.

i was wondering where the challenge had gone to, but with 1400 3d, and 700 2d entries, no wonder it took so long heh …

again, congratulations to all, and lets hope everyone else who were just the observers in this contest are good enough to compete in the next challenge.

cheers. :thumbsup:


Hooray and good job to all!



Congrats to all the winners. :applause: Well deserved. Great work to all who were involved. I loved following the progression of all the works submitted. Look forward to the next challenge.


Awesome jobs everyone… really really nice work. Congrats to the top 4…


Hail Antropus .
And congrats to all .


I second that…CONGRATS TO ALL !!!:bounce:


I agree with Array. There were a lot of great entries that weren’t in the finalists. No offense, but in my opinion I felt the 3d finalists were pretty weak. Congratulations to the winners though; your hard work certainly work paid off.


Great job Antropus! I guessed right!

To those who didn’t win, hey, at least we have a nice portfolio image now eh???
Back to the drawing board…again…


Congratulations to the winners. Awesome work by all who participated.


Yes! congratulations to the winners. :applause:
For the record. I thought he first runner up in the 3D challenge would win. There was too many in the 2D challenge to pick a standout. They were all excellent. :thumbsup:


Hey sandpiper ur work kick ass also , I remember well :bounce:


Congrats to all. Antropus you made a masterpiece and it is well deserved, enjoy your new machine !!! I’m sure that your mini tutorials during the contest had an important role in the final decision. They were very insightful.



Would have been great if Fausto de Martini would have managed to finish his project in the deadline…

Congratulations Antropus, great work!


Congrats all over the place! :applause:


All of us are winners! (even those who didn’t win like me for instance :shrug: ).

I’m sure the gudging was a very tough job…

It would be nice if the judges would write an article about the judging process and what they thought about each images. Oh and you guys promised to show the results of the public voting, it would be interesting to see that. Every thing is for debriefing perposes only. We all want to get better and understand where we did wrong.


The 1st Runner Up for 3D had a much more impressive look and feel than the winner and the 2D illustration reminds me of every non-impressive comicbook pinup I’ve ever seen.

Sorry if I hurt feelings, but I think the runners up had stronger pieces than the winners.