Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Raymond Ore


Raymond Ore has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Boy this is going to be a fun challenge.
First thing that popped into my head was: a large room full of scientist and equipment looking into a tank of water with a woman inside enhanced to swim under water, gills, hands and feet made more efficient for swimming some how and maybe skin altered to be more like a sharks.
I’ll have to sleep on it.


First doodle, not sure how far to go with the enhancements. Do I make small subtle implants or more over the top?
At the moment she’s just had her hands and feet replaced some sort of breathing device in her neck and something to lock here knees together which can be unlocked for walking.
The environment will be a large lab.


If you keep heading this direction – you could whip up
one dramatic and scary piece by having her be almost
more machine than human – and letting the viewer
see the terror in her expression. Or even more fun
yet – what if the experiment is being conducted my
mermaids/mermen? Forcing this human into their world?


All the best!



While I’m far from sure how it all will look I am sure I want to do a female so I’ve started to model a head. Any crits on topology gratefully received.


AFalk: I think I will go for the scary look, she being a reluctant participant in all this.
The mermen/mermiads forcing her into their world, now that’s an interesting idea.


AFalk: Now you’ve got me thinking about her being captured by a race of ‘Creature from the black lagoon’ types doing their evil experiments.


Had very little time this week, but managed a small update.


looking good so far, i would like to see more over the top enhancments personly :smiley:

good luck!


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