Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Rajeev Singh


Rajeev Singh has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Well I think I want the concept to be a futuristic Wizard of Oz holding a mechanical heart in his hand to give to the tin-man. This image is just to give a super-rough idea of the composition & model.


Time left: 10 days, 12 hours, 41 minutes, 12 seconds

Well this is just nuts. Probability of finishing is close to zero, so I guess I’ll just move into the WIP forum when the challenge ends.

I should have a head by this afternoon.

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A bit fugly but it’s a start. The multi-colored objects are a character studio biped that I’m using as an armature.


This is probably going to end up as a rather dense mesh.


Except for the ear, which I just realized I forgot, this is it. This is all the flesh for the image. And posed, too.


Creating a mechanical arm is a bit more trouble than I expected. I tried and failed a few times in MAX before I decided I needed some sketches to work off of.


Hand model. Took me a lot longer than I wanted, since I’m still not used to modelling mechanical stuffs.


Mostly complete. Still some details missing, but, meh.


Another rendering of the mechanical arm. This time with the glass shell parts removed so you can see what’s underneath. I used greeble just for the two main cylinders… no point in wasting my time & poly count with details that can’t really be seen.


I threw the mechanical torso portion and the other hand together really quickly. I’ll refine & add to them tomorrow, but I just wanted to get a few things done before I sleep. It’s at least beginning to look almost like a scene.


Went back and reworked the head since it didn’t look very good. He turned out rather mean looking, though. And he’s too young – I don’t think he’s the Wizard of Oz anymore. Oh well. I’ll have to think of a different concept.


Lighting test, still WIP. Plus I added the background. This is probably my last update, since I have to be at work in a few hours. I might move into the WIP forum this weekend.


Added some details here and there.


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