Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Pop Radu Octavian


Thanks Mike.
I have no other choice regarding this fast modelling situation (still modelling).
Thanks for your appreciation.I`m not an artist, and receiving those words from you, meens a lot to me. I have seen your work. Cool and very expressive.
Thanks again and,

Happy rendering!!!


This image was rendered with FPrime (rendered image size=2430x1725) in aprox 4 hours
with radiosity enabled (3 bounding boxes) 8 spotlights, Display SubPatch Level = 8, 161,296 polys.
I dont like the skin yet (bumping problems- not realistic enought). In the final scene the face from the screen will be a little darken. When Lightwaves (v 7.5c) Layout was rendering the image (FPrime render engine) I was modeling in in Modeler,
(P4 2.4 GHz FSB 100 - overclocked tu 2.67 GHz with 758 MB RAM and Hercules Radeon 8500). Once again, huge timesaver sollution.
Maybe I will be able to finish.
For the technical components I will use a lot of procedural textures.


Solved the bumping problems. Same scene without radiosity.


Ive almost finished to model all the details. I have to finish the equipment used for generating the body (located in foreground). If everything is going well, for the final rendering job I will render the entire scene in 4 layers. The background will include the face from the screen. This one is finished. The next layer will includ the huge screen and the bookcase behind it. The third layer will include the brain machine. The last one will include the new body under construction and the equipment used for this task. Its possible to render the head in the foreground in a fifth layer due to lack of PC memory. it depends how I will do the hair, using Saslite or modeling it.
As a matter of fact, the entire multirendering job for this scene is a problem of hardware shortage of resources.
The head in the foreground is not textured yet (and some other objects too).

A, one important detail (for me at least) - the scene will be called " A NEW BEGINNING"



left eye - detail


Computers - detail
The first computer serves for body generation process, and the second one belonging to huge background screen serves for
comunication. Of course, there are audio comunnications too, but for those who cant hear hes using a video interface.


Brain-machine - detail from final rendering job.
One last rendering and I`ll finish the scene.


My computer broke down due to some kinf of virus attack.
If Ill succed to restore the data, Ill come back. If not, no problem, we`ll meet next challange.
Good luck everybody !!!


I am sorry to hear this.I hope things will work out.You came in late,but came in with a is to things working out.:beer:

      Good luck,and hope to see you again,now for this challenge,and or the next ones...............:cool:


Arrrgh… too bad… As Virtuoso said, you sure came in here with a bang, so, I guess you could just do that again next time… But start earlier then!

Some :beer: for your poor computer…


Hi Pro,
What a quality of work…congrats mate!!!
Am sad to hearing that neighbour…I hope next time you will be succesful…
Wish you all the best in the future…:beer:


I`ve camed back.
My pc vendor restored all the files and I finally finished my work.
Here are some the layers rendered for the final composition.
The final image is made from a lot of layers . In order, from background to foreground some of those layersimages are:

    1. The face from the huge screen
    1. The huge screen and the bookcase
    1. The brain machine
    1. The body underconstruction
    1. The laser head (?) mechanism
    1. The hair, the laser rays and the energetical flows from the brain machine(3-or 4 layers together)
      In the final rezulted much more many layers than innitially I planned, but that hapenned due to the lack of pc memory.
      Except the hair,volumetric and glow effects layers, all the others layers were rendered with FPrime.


This is my final image.
Thanks everybody for support, and good luck to everyybody.
This Machineflesh 3D Challange was great.
After Ill submitt the huge tiff file, Ill come back.


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