Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Mike Polizos


Mike Polizos has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Ok guys this will be interesting!

Best luck to all of you and may the best win!

:beer: :beer: :beer:


And best luck to u 2! This is goin to be real fun, let it rock!:beer: :buttrock: :beer:




Ok guys already start working ,I am super excited with this stuff!

This is a first concept scetch! As you can see is a mermaid!



Ok here is the first concept scetch!
A Mermaid with mechanic parts that will explain how they work in the future!
Best luck to all of you guys and may the best win!


I like this one :thumbsup:

I think the upper part should mostly be human though, especially the head.

So when you start looking at the image it just smoothly mends into the mechanic parts.


That was what I had in mind RAPT0R!
Although I will have some mech on the upper body!
As for the head, yes it will be full flesh except of the eyes that there will be a mechanism that make the Mermaid see even better below the water and when she is on the surface it will become darker! :slight_smile:

I’ll post a better scetch soon!

more to come…


Could be interesting to see the operation on this
one – just imagine the unique conditions that a
mermaid specific surgery ward could offer!

Tracking this one!



Thanks Tony, be plugged more are coming!


Adding some details!

More is coming!


Nice concept, keep on drawing! :slight_smile:


Cool… very beautiful… I wish I could draw like that
But I think you shouldn`t spend much time drawing…
Go on modeling :wink: :beer:
Wish you luck.


<<ThirdEye>> Thanks for the reply man! Hope you follow this work! :slight_smile: :beer:

<<R.Vor>> Thanks man! Well I wouldn’t say that this is a drawing but concepting"! :slight_smile:
I will have to keep drawing until the final concept looks good, and then start modeling! Of course more details will be added while modeling! :slight_smile:

More to come…


But concept isnt judged, isnt it.
Look at my concept :p, I cant draw at all, its more like formality I think…
Cheers :beer:


Well I always believed that the concept/idea is 70% of the cg work!

Anyhow I don’t judged you from your drawing at all !!! (and who am I anyway who will judge you)!

Best luck man!
:beer: :beer:

Stay plugged.


good luck buddy :thumbsup:


Very good idea!!
So all the Finparts are mechanical and the rest organic? Some kind of artificial mermaid! very interesting, I will be following this :thumbsup:


A very interesting concept so far - mermaids is just about the last thing that enters my mind when a word like ‘machineflesh’ appears before me.

That just HAS to mean this is very original, hence excellent.

Good luck!

EDIT: And I agree that the concept is 70% (if not even more) of the work here… Amen to that.


Thanks for the replys gyus!

<<MistaT>> Good to see you again man!

<<Dreamwave>> Yeap that’s the main idea! Stay plugged!
BTW Are you inside???

<<JamesMK>> Thanks man!
Waiting your sketches!

Stay tunned!!!