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great to see you there. This challenge is just becoming - HUGE


waw, already!! this smells… “overkill”… :wink:
welcome aboard, really looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve this time around! (something totally “mad” I’m sure :wink: )



yehhh - Virtuoso is back -


Virtuoso, two things… one… good luck! two… your link to your site isn’t working… I wanted to see what I’m in for competion wize… :thumbsup:


An eye or two from the “Ranch” are upon you old friend.Do your thing.I tag front row everyone.:wink:
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aha … and now i know your name after all this time …Michael Madic

i think the word isn’t “huge” but HUMONGOUS

and the adventure begins :beer:


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i know you’ll find time for both though, that’s for sure :thumbsup:


I’ve heard SO much about virtuoso lately…
SOOooooo looking forward to seeing what you come up with!




Can’t wait to see what’s in store Virtuoso.:bounce:
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Well first things first…Hello all.I am very happy to be taking part in this challenge…I look forward to creating along side you all,this will be lot’s of fun…Long live CGnetworks…


            Before I give a storyline to my plans I want to thank all those whom came in and gave me a nice warm greeting,very nice of you all,I appreaciate this very much............:beer: 


           Before I go on with the story behind my entry I wanted to mention that the work I create here is all based on a Private project I am involved with.My partners for that project include my Brother the other half of the [b]Virtuoso Bros,kai stavginski .....AKA Fist here at CGtalk..... gehry welty  AKA Pigwater here and Sebastian Bethke AKA Mortis[/b]........As they continue to plug away on our project I will create for this challenge on my own.This theme is a perfect fit for my project,I get to have my cake and eat it too.........

           Concepts will follow as time goes by,expect the first one tomorrow.There is quite a full list of creations planned within this challenge......But first the storyline ,or the backbone of the challenge's main creations.........Thanks for your interest.:beer: 


           In one of the many cities of the lands of L'Eternel,a clan of very special beings lived among the highly diverse population.They were also as diverse as the rest.They were called "Scalawags", known to be [i]treasure seeking,quest loving,skirt chasing,battle adoring,rum and ale swilling rogues[/i].They were a very specific breed of robbers too as they stole from the corrupt rich and gave half of the theft proceeds to the poor while keeping the other half for themselves,which is understandable! 

As it happens everywhere,also among the Scalawags,there were often multiple births.But only once was a set of septuple Scalawags born in L’Eternel.Their name was "BOULDERBREAKER.Although they were Septuplets they still were not totally identical but had slight differences of appearance and personality.They grew up in the time honored fashion of the Scalawags and lived by their virtues and vice…

One very special night the seven Brothers Boulderbreaker were at a local tavern where the rum and ale were poured even faster than normal and where the songs and jokes were even rowdier than otherwise…

Pushing the wooden doors open with clawed,rough hands,two women entered the smoke-filled room.They were young and yet seemed age-withered;they had thick ankles and thicker throats.Their thin,gauzy clothes could barely hide their hideous bodies and their face was pocked yellowish.Flashing their broken teeth,the two women moved their snoutlike face towards the seven Boulderbreakers.They came and touched two of the Brothers with their big hands and laughed wickedly.The overdose of rum did not blunt the ugliness of the creatures.The Brothers tried to avoid the ugly weasel faces that came closer and closer to them…

Then someone in the tavern said rather loudly that the two women were the daughters of the mayor who could see only beauty in the two hags.The seven did not see any danger lurking from the mayor’s side;the only danger to them was in the scaly,hairy females.They laughed,grabbed the creatures by the shoulders and threw them out of the tavern…

The rum tasted even better after the two were gone.The rum also made it practically impossible for the seven Scalawags to hear the soldiers arrive at the tavern or to understand that they were arrested for molesting the two beautiful daughters of the mayor…

There was no moon and no stars when the seven awoke from there rum-stupor laying in a dungeon.That was the last evening of their normal Scalawag looks…No words can describe the sharpness of the suffering the seven Brothers underwent.Twisted,broken,cut,bloodied they came to their senses after days of violent,piercing pain.They could not touch each other since they missed their hands.They smelled each other since they could not hear and when they tried to stand up and walk,they fell down and knew that they had been hobbled.Fear stroke their mind as they touched the empty hollow where one eye had been;their bloody fingers touched the sides of their head where once ears had been…

Chirping like an old woman,the mayor entered the dungeon,satisfied with the dismemberment his soldiers had achieved.His daughters had told him of their forcible seizure and the seven had paid for the crime.In the mayor’s eyes his daughters were more beautiful than a spring morning.Obviously the women had lied to their father after the seven Scalawags had repulsed their advances.Even in L’Eternel there was no wrath like a woman scorned…The father had made certain that the so-called criminals would never hear the soft,melodious voice of a woman again,nor dance with her nor touch her.One eye he left them so they could stare at their own repugnant body.For almost a year the tortured brothers remained in the dungeon until a forceful squad of Scalawags freed them…

In an ox cart the seven maimed Scalawags were driven to the domain where a known inventor’s castle stood.The laboratory deep within the "Humongous palace"was legendary among the different clans of Scalawags.Brainsaplenty seemed to work constantly on his inventions and many a town and city had been helped by his cleverness.He seemed constantly poised on a fragile line between inspiration and mania but they all knew that the inventor was as passionate and as gentle as aggressive,that he was compassionate and idealistic but could also be tough and shrewd to surmount all obstacles.His tubular ears let him listen wisely and well and then he estimated all he could do for the seven Boulderbreakers so they could indeed break more boulders in their Scalawag life…

Brainsaplenty delighted in his attempted projects.Not one of the seven mutilated brothers dared to call the promises idiosyncracies or too complex.They bent their will,ideas and body to the inventor…

It took months of work and surgery,days of power and vitality to work out the ideas and to use the metaphorical loops of science,motion and energy to bring his inventions to a grand completion…

The breaking-free moment came when the wait and the trying were over.The septuplets had again all they had lost since Brainsaplenty,in short called Bap,had given them enhanced machine parts where once mere human parts had been…Never had they walked or ran faster and smoother!Never had they seen the beauty of nature or the color of aged rum clearer!Never had they heard Scalawag-songs sung better than they did now with their brand new machine tools…

This acute hearing,this keen sight,this grasping hand-power and this powerful,fluid pace was too strong and sharp to keep it only for regular Scalawag routines.From that moment on,the Boulderbreaker brothers knew seven times over that they would partake in all Scalawag races and games;that their reputation would spread all across the many cities of L’Eternel…


          Well there you have it.......A beginning.Concepts and mesh work to follow as of tomorrow.Hope you liked it.Great to be part of the fun here and I look forward too to all your entries as well..................Thanks ............



:eek: Wow stellar story Virtuoso.I can’t wait to see it come to life here.Just totally beyond the call of duty.You never cease to amaze.:beer:
Hey I shot you an email.Check it out.can’t wait to see it all spring up,sounds epic bra.:thumbsup:


Well looks like you don’t need any help…writing an EPIC NOVEL!
…where is that i cra**ed my pants icon…
I am going to go hassle some fellow newbies…
-catcha on the next flipflop.


Fantastic to see you in mate.:thumbsup: What a story,and backdrop.Just can’t say enough how tip top it is.And I know the work to follow will shine bright as well.Churn it out mate.:beer:


I’m not going to miss this anymore!


Franky,Cloneops,Onsloh,Ila_solomon…Thanks very much to each of you.It makes it all the more worth while…:beer:

             Look for the sidekick in the WIP section very soon.More of the challenge entries as well will be shown here however soon as well.................Thanks.



WOW!! That sketch is awsome!!

I’m deff gonna watch this WIP!!


i like it … i like it … i absolutely got a grin over this thing :thumbsup: … fun-filled wizardry for sure with your never-ending surprises :beer:

i like the happy feet:thumbsup: