Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Mark Endre Seljan has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Hello everybody !

It’s a pleasure to join this challenge, I’ve been waiting for this kind.
Let me give a short description about myself. I am an idustrial designer student, and nowadays am in the third year of the university. I use 3d applications since 2001, mainly for design and architecture visualization. OK, it’s enough…let the facts talk.

This sketch is about a female character as you see. My reasons in choice are the following:
I am interested in human anathomy and ergonomy.
I’ve spent a few years with classical -academic- drawing studies.
I want to create a character with full of emotions, power and beauty.

These are, why I try to design a harmonious human-machine female. I hope, I can extend her beauty in her attached bodyparts.

My mission:
This character is strong and expressive in mental behaviour, but not violent, her mechanic extension is only useful in everydays life. She is not a heretic punisher.In my translate these mechanical parts are to jewel her like piercing does. Functional, valuable jewels.
Functions are: variable sizes, added power etc. and no more weight problems… I will design a “throat controller insertion” which one regulating her voice -auto translate-
for better communication, and checking her meal.

Good luck for everyone!!!

Please criticise my work and ideas!


Welcome !!!
I stay tuned.
You’re design will be terrific.
I was waiting someone like you on this
contest, a real designer whom put the
design touch there.
Does the hairs will be solids ?
it could be interesting to have hairs
modeled like an interface. When she change hair style she change functions.
I like a lot the way you are following integrating design following the real
anatomy and i think with your studies will
give some lessons.

What is funny is that your picture pose
remember me an unflesh man wich is
used to show all the articulations muscles. I remember to have sketched
from statue like that.
Have you a reference for your pose ?


It’s just a study before I start to design the “Throat Controller”, but it
could be a help for anyone who have trouble with the huma-neck.



Thanks for your answer into my topic.
You have great drawing skills.
I like the steps your are following.
More sketches mores sketches !


here is my new sketch about the collarbone area. I will connect muscles with cables to the metal insertion.
perhaps tomorrow I can draw more during my classes. art history, cultural anthropology and more…inspiration yeah!
oh, before I forget it, I wanna check the library for a few info in tribal mutilation topic. scars for decoration, symbolic fractures. pain as instrument of beauty.
is tribal mutilation equal with modern plastic surgery? or are their roots concordant?


There is nothing more harmoneous and beautiful than a woman and if you can carry that beauty to her mechanics… You tha’ Man .Gangsta :thumbsup:


you’re right about your research
it will be very interesting to put in
opposition modern materials (aluminium,
kevlar carbone composite, polymer
composite) with flesh scarifications and
relief tattos !!!
you are in the right way.



It’s the start of my elbow design. I’m thinkin’ about the forces and sliding junctions. I know it’s a bit rough, but I’m on the way…


same topic, different view. you can see how I connect the muscles.


wow, those are great concepts, nice take on the machineflesh idea. should turn out pretty good, keep it up


Good artistic style :thumbsup:



I’m still in the concept period, becouse until I can’t understand the function I’m following the research in drawing. Of course during this I’ll start modelin’ but it’s hard without crystal clear ideas.


Nice skecths!!! keep working!!!


I made this to catch the facial expression of my girl. I built it in five hours. Why a man? He was the cheapest model…:slight_smile: and I don’t like work from photos if I’m working in clay.
I think it will be useful to uderstand the special emotion of a smile.
of course it was important to understand how works the dominant face side of a human - and that lovely non symmetric pose.


the start of 3d…
it’s still rough and symmetric, but the first step was taken to depict the emotion.


editable poly in MAX and some subdiv with NURMS. the low poly version will be useful in texturing. of course it will be also a good help for the posture setup and for reactor (clothes).


Here we go with rendering…
I will work on it more a bit later, but fo’ first I wanna setup the whole body for posture and composition.

CRITS, CRITS please!!!


Yesss !
The modeling is starting !!!
Amazing !!! It will be amazing !!!
Keep it up! Keep it up !!!
i like a lot the expression of your character !


Thanx harnelbe!

I’ve checked your last update…

master of details:buttrock: