Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: laurent antoine lemog


laurent antoine lemog has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


For the moment, I don’t have absolutely any idea… :shrug:


Don’t worry they will come…
good luck


glad to see you here lemog
another challenge after the mayalounge one
i’m sure you’ll make a great job


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glad to see you here lemog
another challenge after the mayalounge one
i’m sure you’ll make a great job

:wavey: You… here… too… fantastic… really :bounce:


good luck mister lemog :wink:


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good luck mister lemog :wink:

Thanks Wazounet…

That’s there, I’ve an idea. it’s necessary now that I write the scenario. :lightbulb


hi, lemog it’s great to see you here ! :thumbsup:
Good luck my friend :buttrock:
i’m looking forward to seeing sth from you :wink:


I’m sure you’ll find a “grandiose” idea :thumbsup:

Good luck friend!


Thank you friends… but by bad luck, the only “good” idea that I had, I have just seen it here even…
…and guess where ?

In the Lalie Thread… :cry:

Not exactly the same… but very resembling…

Now, I don’t know if it’s necessary thus that I find another idea :shrug:

Here is nevertheless the scenario which I had provided for this image :

At the begin of XXIIth century, we want to banish any physical suffering, this one became outlaw.
All is made in this direction.
Progress of medicine, technology, of the machines, helps us there all days.
Even the base of the life, of the reproductive act to that of the birth of a new being, doesn’t deal any more with the human ones today.
Women’s bodies, cloned, modified for this specific use, ensure this service.
They are machines to give the life, with the minimum of human aspect that recquiert a normal gestation.
Without disadvantages for postulating with the role of mother, without sufferings, risks of physical and physiological transformations related to a pregnancy.
The future mother will be able to then continue to exert her usual occupations, her passions and her leisures, without least the concern.
Because of increase in the population for already several centuries, it has been necessary found places, which today are useful, to accomodate this million mother-carrying-bionics.
All over the world, the places of worships, all confused confessions, are desafected today, and this, since nearly one century.
Indeed, at that time remote, too many extremists groups, of all edges, put our planet at fire and blood, persuaded which they were, to belong to the only religious group which is worth.
At the edge of nuclear chaos, all the nations of the whole world didn’t thus decide not to do any more but one… and to remove all these religions which had been the cause of such an amount of suffering.
Deserted, the places of worships were thus reconverted in big nurseries, where one can rent the services of a biomechanical
mother: Gesta Procurare!

[i]A l’aube du XXIIème siècle, on veut bannir toute souffrance physique, celle-ci est devenue hors-la-loi.
Tout est fait en ce sens.

Les progrès de la médecine, de la technologie, des machines, nous y aident au quotidien.
Même l’essence de la vie, de l’acte reproducteur à celui de la naissance d’un nouvel être, n’est aujourd’hui plus dévolu aux humains.
Des corps de femmes, clonés, modifiés en vue de cette utilisation spécifique, assurent ce service.
Ce sont des machines à donner la vie, avec le minimum d’aspect humain que recquiert une gestation normale.
Sans inconvénients pour la postulante au rôle de mère, sans souffrances, sans risques de transformations physiques et physiologiques liées à une grossesse.
La future mère pourra alors continuer à exercer ses occupations habituelles, ses passions et ses loisirs, sans le moindre soucis.

Du fait de l’accroissement de la population depuis déjà plusieurs siècles, il a fallu trouvé des lieux, qui aujourd’hui servent, à accueillir ces millions de mères-porteuses-bioniques.
De par le monde, les lieux de cultes, toutes confessions confondues, sont aujourd’hui désafectés, et ce, depuis près d’un siècle.
En effet, à cette époque lointaine, trop de groupes extrêmistes, de tous bords, ont mis notre planète à feu et à sang, persuadés qu’ils étaient, d’appartenir au seul groupe religieux qui vaille.

Au bord du chaos nucléaire, toutes les nations du monde entier ont donc décidé de ne faire plus qu’une… et de supprimer toutes ces religions qui avaient été la cause de tant de souffrance.
Désertés, les lieux de cultes ont donc été reconvertis en d’immenses nurseries, où l’on peut louer les services d’une mère biomécanique : Gesta Procurare ![/i]


Froid dans le dos, mais je languis de voir des images à la Lemog sur un pareil thème.

Quite frightenning, but I can’t wait to see Lemog’s style on this subject.



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[B]Froid dans le dos, mais je languis de voir des images à la Lemog sur un pareil thème.

pasto [/B]

Hardest will be to do everything to hold on only one image :smiley:


lemog i believe in you, you must find a better idea and more original, you can do that !!!

Good luck


Hi Lemog,
I know you have only good ideas,
and it’s not time to cry :smiley: it’s only the
beginning .

So, I will follow this thread with interest .
Verry nice scenari, I like your pre-apocalyptic ambience .

Good luck to you Lemog !! :buttrock:


Hello Lemog!!!

great to see you here and i am waiting for ur visible process.

thank you for your web site as well… it is my favorite u know… i told ya so before.




That the force is with you Mister Lemog :wink:



Not too much time to begin seriously,

but quickly, there is a little sketch… of what I see in my mind… my vision of the subject.

The framing is not final, certainly I center more on the subject, the biomechanical woman… In don’t know for the moment…


Arg, my friend, i m already frightened by the sketch :stuck_out_tongue:
her job is already not so nice, why is hanged up on the wall ? :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck anyway :slight_smile: may be, u want to realise a very strange and frightening atmosphere :slight_smile:


Well, it’s started.

Here my first modeling for the challenge.

I don’t start with the principal subject, the cloned woman, because I continue to think of her details…

…but by one of the foetuses of the scene.

The texture is not final, and it’s adjustment will be done especially according to the environment.

I modelled simply, because these foetuses will not be much visible, because of the amniotic bag, and the tank of glass.
I think that it’s sufficient :wise:

Next step : the umbilical cord and the amniotic bag…


good work, but if I were you, I ll try to add more transclucent transparency on the foetus skin.

good luck !