Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Awesome modeling man!

Waiting for the others updates!!

Keep modeling!


Cool concept and the modelling is looking fantastic.

I love the way that you haven’t gone for that cliched ‘fantasy’ women look and I can’t wait to see things develop.


Gah! I didn’t even noticed that you had entered!

I’m torn between knowing that this thread is going to be brilliant, and knowing that it’s going to be too brilliant… :cry:

More! :wip:

(and less!) :blush:


antro po kra destroi veio ! vai lá fatura essa ae !:thumbsup: :applause: :beer:
go antro destroy ! win this !
(realmente veio martin vc neox e muitos feras nesse contest:applause: )


it’s gonna be great to watch you work … fab sketch already … best to you and try not to kick our butts to bad:arteest:



Looking very good. Im going to vote you over mine thats for sure… good luck to ya, hope to see you on top


nice work there Antro… the female shape looks really good.


i just have to say that i love it…


Outstanding work so far, the modelling is coming on nicely, and the concept has some depth to it - really looking forward to seeing the finished piece.


Fantastic concept!! Weird and wonderful idea to have that thing spewing from her pregnant belly…love it…

The sketch is great, hopefully you can pull it off in 3D. The modelling looks good so far…good luck!

Really looking forward to seeing this progress.


beautiful concept drawing, and great start on the modeling as well.


U are killing me here!!!..this is so artistic approach…this is officially one of my favourites from now on…Mama!!!:bounce:


haha! wicked!
twisted, but beautiful concept! great start on the modelling aswell!
watching this thread… :wink:



Wow. That is coming along great. Can’t wait to see more. Awesome work.


Hi Leonard_Davi! I´m happy see you here too! :slight_smile:
You go participate of this Challenge too?

Hi Antropus! I know you from somehere…heheheheh
You always with your nice jobs! Success!
You is the pride of Brazil!:bowdown: Good Lock!



Yo!!! :bounce:

Awesome as always… freak bastard!!! I’m gonna cut yor arms off!! hehehe

Abração mermão!!

Vitor Vilela


Your concept is brilliant and you have a nice start to your modelling. I would love to see your Organic side of things.


remarkably, remarkable:eek:

…back later to see how the building’s comin’ on:beer:


A bit disturbing, but real quality!!! :thumbsup:


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Thanks A LOT for your kind words guys! I hope not to disappoint you in the finished work :bounce:

leonard_davi, Lígia MB :slight_smile: e Vitor Vilela,
Muito obrigado pela força!!! Vocês são demais
Espero realmente terminar este trabalho e poder concorrer com outros grandes artistas aqui. Abração!

I really love Kubrick’s movies but I’ve used no references to do this concept. But we are “betrayed” by our unconscious all the time

thanks! I’ll try to make a sexy and wicked pregnant girl here.

I’ll try to get it much better in 3D and I’ll use Maya for the girl and another things, ZBrush to do the “dirty work” on the monster and MR to render with displacement maps.

Have fun! :beer: