Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Krishnamurti M. Costa has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


welcome to the challenge! I’m eager to see what you’ll come up with :buttrock:


I’m so glad to see all these familiar faces join in(except “ila” :frowning: )
I’m sure this will be something awesome!!


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Nice to see you too friends :wavey:
Will be my first challenge. So, I hope to have a lot of fun producing my work and learning with your amazing works!



I want to follow this thread until the end :slight_smile:

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Nice to see you here Kris!
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I’ll be keeping keen eye on your thread; best of luck, my friend!



Ok this is going to be coool!


Antropus…So very nice to see you have entered,and exciting to look forward to what you come up with…I will watch for your work and updates and know that everyone is in store for speacial work from you.Have a good time,and give us some of that magic,I know you will…:cool: :beer:


Hey! Nice to see you all here my friends! :beer:
Thanks for your kind words, as always.
This Challenge will ROCK!!! :buttrock:

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Click over the image to see the highres version.

In a distant future, the bio-mechanics could be the solution for the eternal life, but at the same time that the technology developed, the being was moving away of his creator and now he walks vaguely for the darkness, in his eternal hell in life, an eternal masochistic ritual commanded by the “mother” that would be his only salvation. The little human part that still remains in the bio-machine, struggles against himself trying to conquer his freedom. Maybe the death? Implanted in his back is the machine-mother that controls him. It is his brain in pregnant warrior’s form! Machine and being complement each other and it’s not possible to live one without the other anymore. She supplies all of the instructions so that he continues his eternal life of suffering, anguish and apathy. He supplies the locomotion, protection and energy, through his feeding, transformed later in vital energy for his brain, the machine-mother. His body came off of something. Another more complex machine? Probably. When loosening he thought to be free but now he lives in his eternal terrestrial prison. He separated of his creator… maybe God???
The scene shows a fight that happens among being and machine, that are the same “creature’s” part. Woman-robot (the mother) supplies information to the being through her umbilical cord, connected to the being’s brain. She represents the mother’s protection, however it also represents the dominance over her “son.” Her appearance reminds a sado-masochist, acted by the whip that punishes “the son” and for her appearance, that makes reference to underwears, as stockings and gloves.
Behind and under the creature, wreckage of a decadent civilization. The last light beam illuminates the allegory. Final of times…


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cool … I like the idea.


Masterpiece as always!
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wow! nice ideas there!
really love the girl, kinda reminds me mr.Kubrick´s style, don´t know exactly why. maybe a character from a clockwork orange?

i´ll have an eye in this thread!

good luck, antropus!


Just a wicked concept. Can’t wait to see this come to life.



Dude, if this doesnt win i dont know what will.



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Absolutely outstanding!!!

Cool, i like everything, the mood, the character, the colors, the story behind…

It’ll be hard to beat :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to everyone


Absolutely awsome concept man, can’t stand watching this splendid monster.

Really good start Antropus


2 days modelling using Maya+CPS+MJ. Some things are just for reference. I’m working on the entire model right now. I’ll add some dirt on the final model textures. Updates are coming.