Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Jorge Lescale


Jorge Lescale has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Warming up engines…:banghead: trying to get some ideas from my head…
wish luck to everyone, this is an amazing challenge with great artist so lets rock everybody!!!


If you stop hitting your head into that brickwall you might be able to get some good ideas :stuck_out_tongue: Just KIDDING!

Great to see your thread - the “old” crew is almost complete now.

Good luck, Lescale! (that’s a great vampire name btw, I can easily picture that in some Anne Rice book… probably thinking about Lestat or whatever he was called… hmm, nevermind)


Suuurpersnake, what took u so long, bro? Haha, yesss, good to see you found this too, thought I’d dont tell u to have a slight bit of chance, but seems u joined the machinedepot really fast:cry:
hahahaha lol ok, lets start it fast and heavy, with all ur Japonese impressions in your head, this will be a a huge playfield and a massive rumble… best of luck and rock em all!!!
:buttrock: :beer: :buttrock:


great to see you again you will find great idea when the wall breaks. :stuck_out_tongue:
:cool: how is things? just show us your great talent as usual, keep up the rocking and make us go WOWwoowee…

i’ll help you figuring out great idea -----> :banghead:

:smiley: good luck.


me too —> :banghead:


Sure, what the hell -> :banghead:


hahaha, headbanger party bonk bonk, another thinksupport -->


Better come up with something soon, Jorge - or we’ll have to hunt you down and steal all your aspirin soon…


Just came to wish you good luck!!!


let me in dammit i know there’s a party in there…
:banghead: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
< oh sorry it’s an aerobics class,my mistake.


one for the road:banghead:


hi all as JamesMK said the “old” crew is almost complete now, this is an exiting challenge and u guys are very talented, results are going to be incredible!!



Good to see you in the challenge.

Hope this helps: :banghead:

Good luck man!


hey common! so what’s it gonna be? I wanna know what your wipping up this time… or as every one else has pointed out… banging out this time!

looking forward to some ideas and sketches!


Hahah Sssssupersnake, feel the presssssure, hahaha, we all know you holdback your genious ideas… your sourrounded, bring em out!!! lol

is there a party… lalala


lol, i have the concept on my head now, im transfering to paper, thanx for support, im trying to make good sketch, but all concepts are just great dont know if mine is going to surprise any one,


sure it will, as you already did in the previous challenge i think you have great way of making mechanism.
just take your time and i’ll be waiting.



hi all, this is my first sketch, im not good drawing and im worst when drawing human figure, but this sketch will help me for starting the modeling better.
the idea and the main story is: In a not very far time from now the world is starting to get tired of bad goverment choices and corrupt leaders who just want war and destruction for their own benefit, The people start to capture all this leaders creating a rebelion againts all this destruction, trying to save the world from this fatal ending of war, the rebelion created this prisions as a punishment and torture trying to give a fair lesson to the bastards! ;Groups of scientists, chemical, engineers and a cg artist created this prision:


this prision born from the inside of the body wiring and controlling the bastard, the scientist and chemicals treat the body for this mutation, the tube is filled with a substance that keep the body alive for a long time so this make a never ending pain and psycologic torture to the bad leaders…