Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Janos Strasszer


Janos Strasszer has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Here is my machineflesh story.
Most of the participants make some sort of cyborg, make the mechanical components visible part of the body.
I try to show “machineflesh” in a different way.

The year is 2034. Mankind achieved a lot of scientific victories, but the most significant was the cure for AIDS based on nanotechnology. After many years of desperate research showed the conventional methods to stop the disase are ineffective. A briliant scientist tried to solve the problem in a different way. His motto was „I will fight the virus with its own weapon.”
The HIV attach itself to the white blood cell and force it to reproduce the virus. The attacked blood cell can not provide the defense of the body. The virus infect more and more cells until the immune system will be completely disabled. Since the professor couldn’t separate the virus and the cells he created a new artifictal „virus” designed to „attack” the white blood cells infected by HIV. The artifictal virus become a part of the cell, take over control, and force the incapable blood cell to do it’s original job.
The cure saved millions of life, but the HIV remained in the body so the cure is also a lifetime dependencie of the nano-robots. Not a cheap thing.


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