Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: James Kaufeldt


James Kaufeldt has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.

The result:


James-Welcome mate!!!

Its like the whole gang is getting back together… sniff. :slight_smile:

Good luck man!!!


Pyke - Yeah! sniff

Now I’m immediately going to start designing pogo sticks!

…nah, wait, I just saw pogo sticks are out… dang, have to go for something infinitely more scary.

Seriously though, this is such a great theme - though true originality will require some realy deeeeeeep thinking. Back to my dungeon-o-horror to figure some stuff out.


Ah yess, good to c ya here Mate, lets rumble!!!
let the machines come, time 4 heavy gears :smiley:
Best luck, :beer: :bounce:


oooohhhhhhhhh! So the rabbits joined a contest has it?
Well we’ll see about that !
What with those mutant little hands,can it even operate a mouse?Is there enough rabbit in ya…hey rabbit? huh! huh

:Realize how close you came in the last
one???..ex el ant.
Hey one more an we got The Four Cgneers…
I pledge from this point on to horribly and horiifically
crtit your work to death in a totally underhanded way which ultimately lead you to total mental spazz out.
Can you believe people alreadys posted pics. krites i just finished sharpening my pencil.
Do well! power up…


Good luck for the challenge mate!:beer:


Originally posted by CLONEOPS
I pledge from this point on to horribly and horiifically crtit your work to death in a totally underhanded way which ultimately lead you to total mental spazz out.

I do hope you’ll stick to that - looking forward to some crits so harsh I’ll need to surf with peril sensitive sunglasses on at all times.

… and I haven’t even found my pencil yet. 93 days left - hope I’ll find it soon enough :smiley:

Pufferfish - Thanks a bunch! Looks like I’ll need it. There are some fear-inducing challengers signed up this time around… :scream:


Ok, little bunny rabbit… Let’s see what damage can be done… :wink:



Looks like this challenge is really shaping up.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with on the
concpet end of things!

All the best,


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Keeping a close eye on your mech-bunny of torture with pogo-sticks!



Considering your placement in the last challenge I have very high expectations for you this time (feel the preassure, feeeeel the preassure :))! Good luck!



Good luck mate :wink:


imscifi: Yeah, baby, yeah!

AFalk: LOL indeed. Concepts coming in a few days…

the Rev: Sorry rev, can’t talk now. Off to torture the bunny… :smiley:

Cartesius: OK OK, I feel the pressure! Dagnabbit…

ThirdEye: Right back at’ya - by the look of things so far, this is going to be one helluva challenge!


The Story!


In 2064 deep space geologists found unexpected amounts of titanium and uranium hexaflouride in the core of several large asteroids. A conglomerate of five of the worlds largest mining corporations quickly assembled a new, out-of-this-world organization to make a good profit by excavating these rocks and bringing home the minerals which since a few decades back had been very hard to come by on earth.

The new organization was called AsteVoids, which was well chosen since the CEO had a bit of a speech impediment.

Unfortunately, as the first excavation on Ceres started, it soon became quite clear that the working conditions were quite inhuman. The mine workers died like flies on a windscreen, and the union went berzerk and threatened to kill the entire board of directors using a pair of old ice skates and piano wire. AsteVoids decided to put the project on hold until someone came up with a good idea…

Around 2070, a team of french prosthetics engineers and surgeons unknowingly provided AsteVoid with an answer as they performed several successful experiments combining death-row convicts and pneumatic mining equipment. They just did that for fun, but the AsteVoid CEO (yes, the guy with the speech impediment) quickly realized the potential of their findings.

From 2072 and onwards, AsteVoids sent heaps of convicts to the french back-alley surgeons to get them retrofitted with pneumatic drills, hydraulic lifts and so on ad nauseam - only to quickly launch them off to the nearest asteroid mining site.

My concept so far is a deeply depressing portrait of two or three of these mechanically engineered mine workers on the ninth site of Ceres.

Refs to get: Anything from a morgue combined with full product sheets and blueprints from Dynapac. :smiley:


ewwwwwww! I like it - especially the old skates and the piano string! (just don’t be too quick to share your references!! eww)

Now the official challenge entry request…

WIRES please!!! (too soon? oops.)


Originally posted by JamesMK
The new organization was called AsteVoids, which was well chosen since the CEO had a bit of a speech impediment.

Must have had a “wabbit” in the family.


Cool concept and much of work!
Best luck man!

Looking forward for the first sketches!


Rev: Yeah, wires… Hang on a sec… :smiley:

flyingP: He had sewewal wabbits in his family. Weally a lot, stawting with his gweat-gweat gwandfather, Wichard Weed.

mikepol: Thank you. Concepts coming soon… Have to make a trip today to my local store to get some new paper and a few pencils.

MEANWHILE - I’ve been hunting around for refs on the trusty google image search and found some neat stuff.

My search brought things to a slightly different twist - it turns out that there’s some people out there collecting photos of old machinery, a bit like trainspotting I guess, but they spot really old equipment of different kinds and take pictures of it… Fancy that.

Anyway, there was a lot of potentially cool stuff available on such sites, so I’ve decided to go retro-futuristic on this, and fit my mining workers with really old hardware instead of high-tech gear. This obviously increases the risk of all sorts of gory infections, so I’m sure it will prove to be a good way to go about it :slight_smile:


Man i love the concept already even though i haven’t seen any sketch…ill be checking this threat that’s for sure…:applause: :beer:


Agilers: Thanks… I’ve got my new sketchbook and a set of fresh pens now - will start drawing later tonight.


I’ve continued to hunt for refs, and I just found some absolutely lovely photos over at some place called - I simply have to share two of these here: