Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Ingo Mesche


Ingo Mesche has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Hi there …

now it`s done … I convinced myself to attend for the
first time in a challenge :slight_smile: . I hope that I manage to stay
until the end cause I do this here now between some

I liked the idea “mashineflesh” so much that had to do
something … so … I searched all my skinny puppy / fla
CD`s together to come into the right mood for this.

I am not 100% sure about the idea yet …
I will post some scribbles asap … I tend to do something Scifi.
Big Mashine / with fat grown “human/s” attached.



here are now some sketches …
I hope you like them … they are just to give me a rough direction … don`t ask me about the purpose of the mashine yet :slight_smile:



so … I think that`s it …
as soon as I find time I start to model…
The core of the “FLEISCHMASCHINE”.
Protected and maintained by the Flesh-guards.
again this is just a rough Idea scribble … the final will have more detail ( I hope :wink: )


here we go … a fat human …
first I start in Maya … beginning from half a Geosphere I start tweaking and adding polygons until I get something like this. I don`t put too much effort into polygon allignment as it will be subdivided and reduced and smoothed and and … the end result is important just … going to mirror the half now and bring it into the “swiss army knife for moddeling” into ZBrush … there I am going to subdivide and tweak him to a real fat human …

cu Ingo


phew … it was though work …
I had too many polygons and I had to reduce it a lot …but anyway its ok its no realtime game I have to do :slight_smile:
I made him from both sides …eventhough I dont know if I am going to show him from the rear so much, but I can use this model later on for something else so I finished him from both sides … next step will be to bring him a bit more into a “hanging” position and to cut all the nasty holes into him to fix the mashinery. I am going to make him look really “crushed” by the mashine … he will have all kind of tumors and dents and cracks here and there in his skin as a reaction to the “foreign” materials.He will be more grown into the mashine later …
now after working on this without stopping I need to go on with something else … so the next steps will take a while… there is still a lot to model.
It makes fun …but I think I do this here just for myself :slight_smile: noone responds … :slight_smile:
Anyway I hope you like it …



Man yuor modeling skills are great!!!

I guess that there are no replies simply because everyone who saw your model is speachless! :slight_smile:

My post has no replys too… I hate haveing no replies…

I think your idea is great!

I can’t wait to see your progress!!

I’ll have a peak once in a while…


Hi …

I am happy that someone wrote and that you like it … hey, give me a link to your thread and I write a reply there too :slight_smile: hehe …



Are you going to make him look like he’s been trough mincing machine? Okay just kidding. Don’t know (I’m not anatomy expert, just caught my eye) if his tommy needs to come out bit more? More volume there? Don’t know really about that… But I like it this far!



yes … his tummy … hmmm its not the final exact pose …
I will hang them under kinda machine “arms” … so his tummy will
move a bit down because of the weight … but as a standing
pose how it is I think it looks ok like this … the weight of the fat directs the tummy down … when there is less fat a tummy tends to come out more … anyway … he will be filled with machinery … his skin will be stretched at the back into the “machine” so the tension might brings it more up again too …
I try to make it look better or right at the end when he is hanging.

but at the end …with his big hole in the back and all the attachments… he will be happy with his tummy still there :slight_smile:
I am going to cut his head halfway through away and place his brain outside into kinda sphere or so …



cause of CG server problems I have to upload some pictures again …



cause of CG server problems I have to upload some pictures again …



started to model the interior …

I am going to add much more machinery/organic stuff, muscles and veins combined with machine parts.


still modeling the interior …

next will be to add more pipes and the “robot” arms which carry the beings in the hall…



phew, I reach the limits of my computer … :frowning: I didn´`t know that mentalRay gives up with more then 3.5 mill. polys :slight_smile: at least here … ) but the background is now almost ready modeled. now “just” the robot arm and the attachments to the human.
Might I have to add them together with the background in the post prod.
but before comes the texturing & lighting …

hope you like it … my computer doesnt :slight_smile:


Edit: I found out that I had several copies of some objects in the exact same place and that was the reason why I had so many polygons and problems … everything is fixed again… :slight_smile:


All pictures are restored which have been lost due the CG Talk Server crash …



So … I really hardly work at the limits of what my computer can process …
I optimize my scene further but I already deleted everything which is not visible in this camera angle. I still try to go further down with the polygon count. I think I will not get the desired resolution of <3000 pixel …
we see …
modeling is finished for now I send the human which will float or hang in the machinery right after this picture.



Here is the floating or hanging human …
first I thought they will be the guardians of the machine …but as you can see they are the BRAIN of the machine now :)…

I go to the next milestones now … texturing and lightning … ( but first I have my internal milestone of optimizing scene size :))

Thanks again for all the nice comments you gave … they are all gone now cause of the server crash :frowning:



Very surreal and original work. Certainly looks “fleshy” and machinelike to me. I like it =)

I hope you can spend a lot of time on the textures for the environment, it is looking very nice indeed. Its a good camera angle on it too.

Good work!


Hi Batty Boy …

Thanks for your comments …

I try to take all the time I have for the rest of the work … .but
eventough my computer is quite strong I reached its limits.. :( mental ray doesnt want to render my scene completly and I think I must go on with mayas native renderer … there I can render
the scene quite good. I must find a way to get a nice render later …
First I am doing the textures now … but I am going to do most
of the texturing as post I think … its just a picture, no anim …

I am a quite admirer of your work … :beer: your bike design is
really very nice … I like the curvature of the parts a lot… the
overall modeling is really impressive … keep that clean render
ing… it fits perfect to the style of the bike.

PS: I prefer the yellow color of the suit you had before.