Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Ila Soleimani


Thanx a lot for the incredible supports friends, Time to do some basic stuff:
Not very detailed, but needless to be discribed what is it! (Special thanx to Fredrik ‘Eggyt’ Wörmke and Anders ‘Fellah’ Ehrenborg for some comments on this)


AMAZING! better than I could imagine myself! this has to be one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in this challenge so far! waw bastard… maybe one of your best ideas ever! :smiley:

m@ :cool:


OH MY GOD! that one is wonderful Ila!
but I expected no less from you my friend :bounce:

edit: Anders, bastard!


Fantastic. I really like it. Brings to mind a certain music video by Etienne de crecy called ‘Les Miserables’. There is a cow in there which is pacified with videos of landscapes while they produce hamburgers from it.
But this is so much sicker. Which is a good thing.


hehe,funny one Ila,i’m definitly following this one :beer:


Very cool idea!!!:thumbsup: I love it.

In German: saugeil!!!
In English:swiney-lustful:beer:

wish u good luck



You know I’m partial to the odd cow - and this is no excpetion! I am desperately waiting for you to begin :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Ah, that is simply excellent!


LOL! :eek:

This looks great, I can’t wait to see the modeling begin.
I especially adore tho look on the face of the cow in the middle. :arteest:


Really nice and original concept!!! I’m absolutely gonna watch this one carefully!!!


Nice work!
Keep going!


i love this machine hope i can buy one …
gooooood luck man

keep it up,


Fun and wild concept.Possibly you can fit in a device for the cows four stomachs…I believe they have 4 if I am not mistaken.:slight_smile:


               This will be fun to see come to life Ila,nice concept.:beer:


Hahahah! :smiley: thanx, I’m glad you liked it.
Mikael, I’m sure that clip you mentiond was in right hemisphere of my brain, I like that very much.
I had another idea, just sketched it very quickly, this will not be very detaild too. more and clear draw will come.

This is 'Devil’s Mobile Living Turture device(!) that has come to earth to punish bad guys! >:-E


Hey, you stole my groin adapter!

Wicked huge guy, that… erm… thing.


Awesome. those concepts are great. I love the cow and kind of favoring that one better too. The cow is just more original, I think and very funny concept.

My vote is for the Cow. :buttrock:


Looks good this too. But I think you are on to something much better with your cow. This theme is almost always interpreted along the dark wicked lines, humor here feels so refreshing.


:cry: from now on, we are not friends anymore. this means fight… I will get my battleaxe… and you can get your… eeh… milkbottle, from your cow… fastard!

I still cannot understand how you could do this to our friendship… post an overpaint picture of me!!! :cry:


so it was you Anders! last time I went to sweden, I thought I saw the yeti, but it was you :eek:


yes, me!!! :cry:

(ahaha! :smiley: m@ you will get so much shit from me when you start posting your updates, you really deserve it!! :applause: )