Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Gijs Leijdekkers


Gijs Leijdekkers has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Please be sure I not any more use the Cheetech-concept, but another… Please scroll down to see the used concept…

My concept is based on a Cheetah that must serve the army. I’ve replaced almost the whole head by a robot head, and also all legs are robotic and made from steel, to maybe get even higher speeds. On his back is a part that can be expanded to a rocketlauncher/machinegun.

This is not my final concept, but just to show you what I want to make. This concept is made with Corel Photopaint 7.0 and CorelDraw 9.0.

I hope you’ll like it.


ahoy fellow dutchy :slight_smile: I like your idea, can’t wait to see it in 3d :slight_smile: especially the head


Tnx for the comment.

I’ve yet decided to make a maquette of the head and leg, to have a good reference for modelling in 3D. I think I’ll make this upcoming saturnday a so.

I’ve not really allot time yet because I also join the Boxx-contest @ (see signature). In tho weeks I’ll start modelling

More C & C please! :wink:


Hm I did see a LOT of army-related enhancements already, so my advice would be to try something different with it, for example go for a comic style or a wacky story to make it attract a bit more attention between all the other entries :slight_smile:


I agree with jawine, the army thing has really been done a lot (hell, even my design is war related), so maybe try investigating other avenues. Thats just my suggestion though, but evne this design could be pretty good :slight_smile:



Thanks for your reactions! Just the fact that professions react on me, a 15 year old student, really satifies me :slight_smile:

I have thought about another design yet; a Bulldozer. A combination of a very uge bulldog (genetic sized up :wink: ) and a bulldozer. I have had also ideas about the scene:


[/i] A building place of a futuristic building where a sort really uge dog lies tired in the sand… It has his eyes almost closed… This “machine” stands alone, early in the morning, before starting building. A young girl - about 8 years old - sits down in the “cabine” of the machine, where she’s about to put a “control helmet” on her head…

Design sketsches of this concept wil follow soon, but I have a buzzy week now with allot of school tests. After that test, I’ve a 3 weeks holiday, so enough time for modelling :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll choose the Bulldozer, because than I’ve more place for artistic things; the modelling etc would be a lot cooler maybe…

Do you think this is a better idea than the Cheetech? Please just say it!


Yup bulldozer is better :smiley:

Still wouldn’t make it too serious, either go for fantasy or comic style :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reaction, Jawine! I think I’ll keep it unless quite real, but stil some fantasy elements. I’ve made sketches yesterday, and I’ll post them end of this week. Maybe I’ll make the girl some older; about 14 years instead of 9. That’s more interesting to model :wink:

I’ve some troubles with finding ways to replace body parts by mechanical. I’ve made the idea to only use the power of the dog for the machine. So I was thinking about using the musles and the hart only for effectifity of the machine.

But I need you’re meaning:

  1. Which concept do you think to be the best of the two?
  2. How do you think I can replace bodyparts the most interesting / creative?

By the way I’ve ZBrush 2.0 now ( :drool: ), so if I’ve enough time, I can learn it, and use it for my entry :slight_smile:

I hope some people will reply, so that I can go to the modelling stage :cool:


I’ve another idea for my entry, because allot people choose the army as theme. I’ve made the idea of a bulldog who’s powers is used for powering a bulldozer!

Here is a sketch of it from the side. I know my 2D skills are bad, but I just want to show you what I want.


This is another drawing of my Bull Dog Dozer. I’ve tried to draw it in perspective, but the result is not really stunning :wink: I just want to show you with this how my final perspective will look like. Be sure in this drawing I’ve not drawed the girl, because my 2D skills are not good enough, but on the chair will be a girl in the final entry.

The final entry will also contain some fog, and the mood of early in the morning, when the sun rises on the building place…


This is the girl that will sit down on the chair of the bulldozer, and is about to put the control helmet on her head. First I wanted to make a girl of around 9 years old, but I’ve found out it would be more interesting to make an older girl; of about 13 years.

This concept shows how she will look. The teddy in hear hand will - by the way - be replaced by another object, but I don’t know whát, at the moment. Feel free to offer ideas!


If you think I’m a bit late with my 3D modelling; I’ve holiday now for 2 weeks, and I’ll work on this every day, to finish it in time.

I also have ZBrush 2.0 now, and I’m practising it ( :buttrock: WOW, tháts a cool application! :eek: ), so I’ll use it for my 3D modelling! :beer:

This where my concept entries for today; feel free to tell what you think of it! :slight_smile:


Unless nobody wants to reply ( :wink: ), I’ve begun with modelling the dog in ZBrush 2.0 (I have it exactly a week now, and I’ve hard practised :wink: ). A screen of the ZSpere basic:

I’ll start detailing it soon :wink:


Update (in 10 minutes :wink: ):


Another :slight_smile: :


Without Pixellogic this wouldn’t be possible… Pixellogic:

I’m refining yet:

Please reply to tell me what you think I must change or improve… I’ve had not really allot replies till now :shrug:


Hi all,

I’ve been working at the girl now. Some pix under here: (made in ZBrush 2.0)



You’re right it’s quite hipoly :eek: … I will just texture the head now, not adding more detail… It’s just meant to stand in the back of the image, so much detail isn’t needed.

I’ve also been working at the bulldog, and making ideas… More pix will soon be posted (first I’m going to place a new desktop in my bedroom, with a new P4 on it, so that I can work better & more relaxt!)

Please post your reaction now!; I want to know if my concept is good enough :wink: