Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Emilio A. Villar D.


Emilio A. Villar D. has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Caracas - Venezuela
June 07 - 2004

Well, this is my sketch for my work in this challenge, i’m trying to create a postapocaliptic world where machines and animals take control of the earth. Bioimplants, chips, metal and computers works together with organics parts.


Caracas - Venezuela
June 07 - 2004

Hi there, fist time in this site, forum, challenge, etc etc. First at all i want to apologize for my english, i really suxs writing in english, but i’ll try to do mybest. Critics n’ suggest are welcome ;). Thnxs.


Another better sketch maded in Photoshop. Modeling is in process, tomorrow i hope upload anothers images from my work.


Well, the first WIP about my work, i’ll try to upload more image of modeling process, only time is a problem now, 10 days left. I hope finish this in time. See you soon.


Hi again, another model image. I included a wire snapshot, so the column, brain, another organs have a better view. I hope finish the model today or tomorrow, so i can start with the enviroment. See u soon ;).


Bueno, otra imagen de modelado. Aca por lo menos me afinque mas en lo relacionado a bio emplantes.


now i can put some weapons to the defenless turttles =P


more firepower…


… and more weapons.


… this is my last WIP, isn’t the final image, just the textures test. i must travel tonight for work n’ i’ll be back the Saturday, so i don’t have the time to finish my still image. I hope see u soon in the next challenge. I wish u all good luck. Cya soon :D.


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