Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Daniel Trbovic


Daniel Trbovic has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Initial idea: Police Fly chacing rebel Head-Spider.

This should be a humor one.
By the way Head-Spider shows the finger.
Is that going to be a problem?
Should I leave that out?
I think it should not.


Start.Modeling space for the Head.


working on legs/tentacles


Awesome concept, not sure why no one’s responded! Are the red tentacles mech or part of the head-spider?


Interesting idea you got there. Good to see these works with humor as I’m planning to go on a bit darker path in my own work.
Don’t have much to say about your model yet, keep it up. And I think that finger just brings more attitude to that character.


Muyyatin, red ones will come from the neck of the head
controling the whole thing. Not sure if red will stay for the final.

Ambethron - Yeah the dark approach sure is tempting, seems
more apropriate for the Theme.

thx for the comments


I guess this is close to final format and composition.
PoliceFly will hold the ctick in the left “hand”.


Looking great. Nice detail so far.


It’s looking good. I like the toony feel :thumbsup:


Nice! :thumbsup: Make sure we can see more organic though. I’m kind of missing it so far, maybe to early to comment though.

Great concept!


PoliceFly modeling…eyes were pain…
My wife said that each sphere could be
an eyeball, hehe. But I guess it would be too much.


I think its a great idea, i love how the spider head rolls on the metal web…also i think your wife has a good idea about all the flies eyes, if not for the final image i would still like to see how it would look like that…keep it up


so funny …:applause:
i love your work style you are professional hard worker
i like your work and wish you the best luck …
take your time and show more friend…

show more soon :bowdown:


infinite_1ne, splotch, THANKS.
The “eyeballs” idea - I’ll do that version after the challenge, like solo pic of the fly.
Definitely would look crazy in animation, imagine those
eyes with dynamics, and moving around, checking things - spooky, hehe.


now I know I’ll have to animate some objects in the final scene,
like wings, to get some motion blur. Sooo, in DOF already in mind,
that’s gonna rocket the renderTimes insanely.
As a counter measure, fishing rods should be checked and prepared…


man, you’re not going for an anim, so do DOF and motion blur in post work…


Nice design, EmpY!
Love the ‘safety’ tail-light :cool:
and the wings are looking nicely executed too:)



Lol, I love the humourous tendencies in this one. the Concept is very cool. I think the Head in the robot reminds me of a cartoon on tv, cant remember which. Possibly add more detail to it, like defence mechanisms, etc.


HEY Peolple, need your toughts on this!

Have to decide on one of these?
Face expression of the HeadSpider? It would be totaly
different in relation to A and B, something like this?:

(note - finger stays for sure)

A - Head/eyes looking at camera or extremely up, head pulled down a bit (like when you expect a hit)
face depicting inevitable, finger/hand/arm more relaxed.

B - Face depicts a maniac mad man, excited by the hole ordeal, big grin. Not sure where
he looks at - straight forward or halfway towards the Fly. Maybe a big Cuban in teeth.
Finger/hand decisevly up.