Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Charles Looker


Charles Looker has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Ok, i been coming up with ideas for a while now. The story is of a command mission to Mars, something goes horribly wrong, and most on the team dies, the only guy left (a thermal geologist) has to survive off the land, using his spacesuit and bits his built into him.


Ok, so ive been working on this tons, got loads still to do, but at present the astronauts leg, which in the idea, he tears off his rovers armis pretty much done, bolted on to his bare leg. The creases where very hard to do. And ill post some more pics tommorrow, about how i went about this including the zip, shoes, cloth, robotics etc etc.
ok back to work.


quick update, adding arm. Need to add tears now before adding extras. He’ll have one bare arm, with loads off tools plugged into it; also a robotic hand/mf hand. Hes helmets gunna be smashed and hes face burnt from the sulphur atmosphere. More to come…


Nice work so far and a very nice idea. It`s funny but I seems that I had similar thoughts like u about this contest. Maybe you want to take a look at my ideas so far they excist… still at starting off the modelling phase…


Thanks theuni,

Its getting there, still lots to add! I have to add a tears to the fabric and loads of extra bits and bobs. I got loads of sketches too and ill post them soon enough…

Ill have a look at your stuff now, thanks for the comments btw, much appreciated.



Surrealist but cool.
When I say surrealist, I think it’s not possible to let skin in contact with the atmosphere, like I guess u did for the prothesis of the leg, which let a part of the thigh appears.

oh, and can you explain a little more how He can survive without food ? a biologic system that can convert rock into nutrient or something like that ?

Modeling is good, want to see more :hmm:


Ok, so now most of the suit modelling is finshed, theres 2 more straps i wanna add and replace the proxy helmet ring. Then is on to his bionic hand, real arm(with bits plugged into it) and his face, which will have loads of bits plugged in. Then the mining drill, his PLU( portable life unit)where everything plugs into, and hopefully the rover. Which i want all smashed up behind him.


Finally! the scanners working so i can upload more concept sketches and ideas.


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