Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: barry hicks


barry hicks has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


ok… so I’m joining… THIS time with full understanding of how this is done. :smiley:


Yes yes yes - wabbit waits for the concept!

So glad you could join us.


A hearty halloo and a fair thee goodluck!
You had a pretty good layout on the last challenge,
had a kind of a whimsical bent to it i thought.
What 3d software are you running?


Good to meet ya here too, bring em machines up, start the engines :):buttrock: :beer: best luck


hey guys! I have no idea what I am going to do still. Buisy working on some other stuff that needs to get done first.

I’ll try and start sketching this sunday…

working on my staircase at home tomorrow, I do a lot of home improvement stuff, own a fixer upper… maybee I should do some kind of person for home constuction…hey…

DAMN! I just go my idea! WOOO HOOO! Rock the cassba!

Modern twist on my ode to Kali

Yeah, will have sketches out within a couple of days… heh heh heh…


OK, I’m officially intrigued…


lets see what can be don here …
wish you good luck

keep thinkig to get the best idea :beer:



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…thanks got rid of my hiccups


I checked out your website. Looks pretty cool so I’m subscribing to this thread. Waiting to see what you come up with.

Good luck in the challenge :thumbsup:


Ok, drop the hammer and the nails for a minute and get some of those sketches in here STAT!

What does STAT really mean, btw?

Or optionally, just post a large version of your avatar.


I’ll try and start sketching this sunday…

cool… I’ll check back later.
Good luck to you


What does STAT really mean, btw?

The 3d sorc is charging her mana! lol
ahrgh, I’m playin too much RPG’s

Singin along with cloneops:
Go Barry Go Barry Go go go!
Gemme a B Gimme an A Gimme an R Another R and a Y!!!
Gemme G Gimme an O! Go Go Go Barry Go!!!
(:bounce: jumps wild around:bounce: )

Charm us!:beer:


Tell me if i’m wrong, but i think some people wait for some sketch.



ok ok ok ok… I do want to do more sketches tomorrow… more detailing… and I also am going to throw up some more in ways of refference… there’s a lot that will be going on behind this image… symbolism… a LOT of symbolism…

Kali… she is coming into manifestation… She runs through the masses of hysterical people… afraid of a 150 ft. tall goddess, who is dancing and slaying all those in her path. The bodies of her slain are ripped up from the earth and drawn to her body, moulding her form… heaps of weapons used against her, are drawn together to form a massive AK 47 or FAL… which also forms part of her hand and arm (one of three)… Another hand holds the head of what looks like a demon… this is made up of blasphemous lawyers, polititians, and preists of various faiths… In another hand a massive fire buns this is made from burning piles of books, scripts, and stones… and the last hand is formed by trees and plants in a symbolic gesture of tranquility… There are also the arms and heads that she wears… I’m still not sure as to what to make them up of yet… Her hair is made of twisted I beams and other metal items, such as stop lights, cables, and other long metalic and rubber type items.

There are many more things I will post in the morning… refferences and pictures…

Enjoy… look forward to checking out other people work as well… been a loooooong weekend… (stairs still are not done)…

uh… and no… I didn’t use a bic… I looked and couldn’t find one… so I opted for a plastic pencil…

I’ll also post more of a dialogue for you guys… think “this just in…” news broadcast.



I know I’m tired… I forgot to refference the image… eeek!


Hey nice sketches! She looks like Kali (the Goddess of Yogic Transformation). The character that i’m doing is going to have some hindu elements to her as well.

I’m going to keep my eyes on your chrarcter.

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Sweet concept - I mean, Kali with an AK-47 :eek: … Excellent choice!

Beatiful sketch and indeed a veeeery ambitious plan, not to mention the depths of the symbolism. I am officially impressed.


Send ms. kali over to jamesmk to kik some ass , all his mine workers are horrribly exploited and could use a really huge ally.

Are the waist arms embedded in her like sinous snaky metal arms- and even the little heads ?
Does each arm represent an aspect of something in these types of god-beings?

Nice pose,and concept is sketch is very clearly executed.
She is going to be blue of course? Must be blue!!



Originally posted by CLONEOPS
Does each arm represent and aspect of something in these types of god-beings?

I can actually provide a partial answer to that question (forgive me for stepping in)::…

The top right hand is the Hand of the Divine Playstation gamepad.