Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Ashish Rastogi


Ashish Rastogi has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Women suffering from a breast cancer and that’s why she lost the one breast due to the disease. Not ashamed in the human society doctor’s place a machine breast in the body with the permission of the husband. But when women see in the bathroom mirror that she lost his inner part then…the feelings hurt. It doesn’t matter anybody knows or not but when this disease touch a women, wife, mother, sister
.every person related to them will hurt.

Sorry for the bad drawing, no wacom available. And u know that drawing with mouse is not easy but my image is little more bad.


Now i start the modelling.


remaining bathroom part1.


Remaining bathroom part 2.


Main character in the image but not looks good i think i have to change but i will think about it after lighting and texturing of the room. I will create the hairs through shag hair.


Only one omni, spot light outside the room and self illuminated tube light through texturing.


Texturing Part 1.

Any suggestions please.


Have a look and post your comments guys.


Have a look and post your comments guys.
This is under Texturing Milestone not lighting. Sorry for selected the wrong section.


These are eyes of women without the lights.


This is first test rendering from my side without hairs.


***I make such a bad image that u guys don’t bother to say something. I think this is WIP contest and u guys don’t help me. Doesn’t matter you don’t like it then say it.


i think now i finished.


I know that hair renderes have problems with reflective sufaces but i think it looks realy odd to see her in foreground (mostly hair) and then in the miror theres no hair. Try maybe taking the hair rendered from the mirors perspective and using an alpha chanl to get some refelction of hair. Then combine in post.


Very little changes done in the image.


add some glow, use clone brush on hairs and no color correction at all.


What i can say. NO help from your side guys. Not a single reply. IF there is some problem then u and me both are responsible for that mistake :slight_smile:


Come on man!
It just propably that you came in so late and all the guys are running for finising their work before deadline!

Personaly I thing that if you are happy with your work so everything is cool!

I like you lighting and you modeling is looking nice!

Be good!


well with so many challengers it’s hard to stay on the first page for very long before disappearing. this is the first time i noticed your entry. nobody’s replied to my thread either, but i’m not particularly bothered by it.

now for critique. I think many of the edges are too sharp. The door, cabinet, window frame and the corner of the room, specifically. Perhaps if you chamfered the edges. Also, where’s the frame for the door?? And if there’s a bump map on the wood texture i think you should increase its value.

The skin material is a little lacking. I personally think it’s too saturated for that lighting, and that it needs a bump map. I can’t really be more specific since I don’t know what program you’re using. If you use MAX I could suggest some setting for a skin material.

Regarding the hair, I think her hairline is rather high, it’s a bit poofy on the right side of the reflection, and it’s too dark in the reflection.

Last thing – her pose. It’s a bit stiff. I think a contrapasto pose would be better.

Ok, very last thing, I think the way you modelled her arms (especially the separation between the upper & lower arm) gives away your lack of knowledge of anatomy. Some helpful links :