Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Arnaud LE BOT


Arnaud LE BOT has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


I’m thinking…
i’m thinking…


Inks done 10 years ago
found in one of my old sketch book:

There will be a part of the inspiration


Wow, that’s incredibly detailed! Pretty neat… I’m looking forward to what you do with this.


Hey my friend! Its gonna be great to see your final result.
You know I love your sketches, and I know that youre crazy!
Good luck!


Conceptsketche #1
Perhaps the main character of the CG.
An old Celtic Warrior Using Entrelacs of
the celtic Graphism design like it was organic electronic chip.


cool harnelbe , the crazy mekacyber guy \o/ good luck !


Knotworks of flesh and technology.
Melt of flesh, nerv, muscle, copper, iron,
Geneticians, and bioscientists in a foreign lab are reverse engineering a man of an old age…


Great concept sketches!

I look forward to see more detailed ones and the progress to 3d.



dude! that’s some key sketches you got going on there! damn! I’m really diggin the one your using as your avitar right now… I’ll be back to check on your progress! NICE work!



Thank you very much for your encouragements! I will not to disappoint you.
Other sketches for the concept will follow very soon.
Stay tuned:beer:
The concept you are working on is very interesting !
How can i put a link to the contest into
my signature like many of us ?


There’s a real nice feel to the last image of the face.

It certainly sits with the machineflesh theme!!

I like the second ink, too. Loadsa detail!! Did you ever do a colour version to make more ‘sense’ of the inks?


Thanks !
I work now more with colors,
10 years ago i only worked use china ink
Rotring lol.
it’s why i push myself to wroke with colors.
on my website i updated last night i show
old and niewest works.
it’s a long long time i’m in the cybernetic
delirium And it’s a friend ( :wink: ) who talk me about this contest saying
“it’s written for you ! go”
So it’s why i’m there. To push myself like i never pushed before.
After the challenge i’ll work on an illustration i have done some months ago
illustrating that the MachineFlesh Contest make me very happy !!!
I devote all my spare time in it


Celtibernetique warrior in a lab.
Past technology
Future ? other dimension ?
This old age warrior is going to be analysed like a frog by students.


Little more detailing to enhance the concept and develop the ideas.


Sweet concepts budy! I can tell that youre finished piece will be a**kicking!!! Show more…:buttrock:


:buttrock: this one concept that i think will be very hard to come to 3d…but i will wait for u 'cuase i think it will very strong image …good luck man…waiting your updates!!!



Great work, very world class. It has a cinematic appeal to it. I’m inspired to work more with colors after seeing your stuff. Keep up the good work, I’ll definately be checking back.


very interesting idea!.. like his skin is covered by electronic component, or something like a circuit, but, what is the Intention of this cover?

sorry about my terrible english…:rolleyes:


and I LOVE it. Some of the most impressive inking of cybernetics I have seen in quite some time, very very very detailed, great ideas, great inspiration. should be put into posters for the computer techno gurus… keep it coming, can’t wait to see what comes together… should be incredibly deep