Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Anthony Falk


Anthony Falk has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.



A new Challenge when it looks like my schedule will
let me do more than lurk :smiley:

All the best to everyone involved!



Waiting your concept too, Tony!

Good luck!





Pulled – see later posts for WIP



Okay – here’s my ROUGH plan at this juncture:

Im thinking of my character, a young and relatively naive
warrior, who will, due to the rigors of combat need to have
one of his legs and one eye replaced by mechanical parts.

My goal is to capture the dis-illusionment of this young chap
after he’s had the replacements, and as far as presentation
is concerned – Im thinking of a series of medallion vignettes
surrounding the main image – ala a mini story of the surgery
and the character attempting to deal with his new reality.

Fair warning – as with any early concept, this character will
no doubt be wildly diferent by the time we’re through.




interesting concept but you may want to ask if using models from your library breaks the rules “Pre-fabricated models are not allowed to be used. These include parametric models generated from Poser or Daz3D” but since there your own models i guess your fine :shrug: anyways looking forward to updates


Stay tuned for more !



Looks cool Tony!
Although I think you have to give his personality!

Are you going to make and a gun for him too!

Keep updating!


Originally posted by AFalk
I read through the restrictions, and since the model came from my own library of my own spline cages i.e. 100% original materials across the board – I should be okay :slight_smile:


I want to clarify that the point of this challenge is that it is a work-in-progress challenge commencing from the starting day. Absolutely no premade models, whether commercial or modeled by yourself, are eligible for entry. This has always been one of the main rules of CGTalk challenges, since they were first started.

All work for the challenge has to be started only after the challenge has been announced.

Also, please do take note that a concept [/i]sketch[/i] is required - a wireframe of a model unfortunately does not qualify as a concept sketch. The concept sketch is a compulsory milestone that is required in order to validate your entry. Your concept sketch must very clearly illustrate your intentions for your piece.

Thanks and good luck!


This is my raw concept sketch


This is the rebuilt from scratch spline cage WIP for my warrior.


per Leigh’s directions – the raw concept is up, and this is the new spline cage WIP. It wont patch at this juncture of course, but its heading in the right direction at least :slight_smile:

I am trying to keep the initial cage realtively light, to allow more flexibility when I build the MTs.

All the best,



The enhancements I have in mind are all low-tech. They use wood, and somewhat crude materials relying on magic for power and safe integration with the host.

The main character, my young warrior is essentially an elven lad. His people understand the need to keep warriors in the fight, but getting such replacements are devastating to the warriors so “blessed” and are a stigma in their society.

The image itself, as mentioned in the concept sketch (mouse made - shudder) will showcase the warriror, alone and despondent as outside the other “un-ehnahced” members of his cohort are beign praised for their valliant efforts on bahalf of their ‘pure and natural society’ – for sake of sanity, only their helms and shoulders will probably make it to the final pic.

I want to have the tree outside the entrance casting leaf-pattern shadows into the area, but have them swallowed by the areas own shadows creating a high-contrast image. I plan to reinforce the imagery by having the colors of the warrior and the cave itself nearly monochrome with only the gleaming of the machine parts really in fully saturated colors. which should highlight them nicely.

The vignettes will show segments of the battle and the surgery (or so Im thinking this early into it)

But as of now – that’s the plan!

All the best,



best of luck Anthony… :thumbsup:


This is a great concept. Are you sure that the viewers of the final image will understand what story do you wanted to say? Capturing the dis-ilussionment is a huge challenge. Ah, and the low-tech idea is fantastic :cool:. Good luck and have fun :thumbsup:


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