Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Anders Kjellberg


Anders Kjellberg has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Sorry, can’t draw very good. Explanation and story will follow soon.


OK, here’s some background on the concept:

Oculus Medicus

The year is 2769. The Earth is polluted beyond recognition and engulfed in a thick layer of acid rain and hazardous smoke. The sunlight can no longer reach the surface of the Earth and people are literally living in darkness. Large private corporations are in charge all fuel reserves, as well as the responsibility for maintaining law and order. Medical welfare as we know it has collapsed. The corporations runs all legal medical facilities and hospitals. Doctors and surgeons are equipped with mechanical implants to help them better perform their specialized duties (scalpels and scissors instead of fingers, for example). Gated communities where the wealthy can live in safety are the only places where you can find medical aid. Unfortunately they are forbidden areas for 99% of the population.

Due to the hazardous environment, people on Earth started developing various new forms of diseases around the turn of the century. The most alarming is the loss of eye-sight. The constant darkness strains the eyes in itself but the acid air destroys even the physiological functions of the eye and generally all those who are forced to live outside the gated communities are blind when they reach 30. There is an operation that can save the eyesight but since medical assistance is only available for some, more drastic actions has to be taken by those living the hard life. Failed doctors and surgeons who for one reason or another got kicked out from the communities can perform the operation in exchange for large sums of money. By replacing the sick eye with a en electronic eyepiece, much like a camera lens, the eyesight can be restored as well as giving the bearer the ability to see in the dark using infrared sensors. The operation is painful and dangerous. The surgeons performing them have little or no education and their mechanical implants are crude and often malfunctioning. Many of them are more into the maiming and torture of the patient than actually helping, but since they are the only ones available

Basically it will be a malicious eye surgeon with surgical implants instead of fingers (scalpel, saw, injection needle and so on). The scene will depict the surgeon (who already have performed the operation on himself) standing over the patient (the viewer) holding the patient’s removed eye in his left hand.

I can’t draw to save my life so this sketch is only a starting point. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:



Sounds promising! Seems like you’re going for a portrait kind of mood then… Looking forward to see it evolve :thumbsup:

Oh, and feeeeeeel the pressure… :smiley:


Yep, it will be another portrait but not a very flattering one. I will try to make him very, very repulsive (both his human and mechanical appearance).

And believe me, I do feeeel the pressure! :thumbsup:



Ah yeah, looks like a good concept. I enjoyed the story, isn’t that sort of what we have now? Bring on the implants!


This syringe will be attached to malicious eye surgeon’s middle-finger. I still haven’t figured out how, though, since my inital idea for it didn’t work out as planned.


Nice and clean - looks like the liquid inside is high-grade toxic stuff!


Thanks, and Oh yes, it’s toxic all right – we’re talking a seriously demented eye surgeon here! Tomorrow I will add the pumping mechanism inside (it wont be very visible in the final render, I think, but it has to be there) and also do a new attack on how the syringe and the rest of the instruments are to be attached to the finger stumps.



OK, this is how I temporarily has solved the connection issue – bolts and clamps. Next up: the scalpel.



Seriously nice modeling as usual Anders.


Thanks soapy! Here’s an update: scalpels.



And here’s the Stryker saw. It only took me 15 minutes so it’s a bit bland but I will add more stuff tomorrow.



Hey I bet those clippers would be really handy for trimming nose hairs!


Originally posted by soapy
Hey I bet those clippers would be really handy for trimming nose hairs!

LOL! Handy but quite risky :slight_smile:

I’ve remodeled the scalpel-finger since the first draft felt too clumpsy.



Started modeling the hand tonight. Two hands will be visible in the scene: one complete and one with mechanical instruments instead of fingers.



it’s nice to know that he have a normal finger too … :stuck_out_tongue:
i like all the small ditails … when all come together ?



Makes me think of bomb squads… the wires here…

  • OK, so cut the red cable!
  • Are you sure?
  • No no no, wait a minute, maybe it’s the green one!


yaaaa… and every time he cut the wrong wire …
wooops !!! lost another finger :cry:
never mind - this one will be screwdriver … :applause:


Originally posted by painkiller
[B]it’s nice to know that he have a normal finger too … :stuck_out_tongue:
i like all the small ditails … when all come together ?

:thumbsup: [/B]

Yeah, he will have one or two normal fingers :slight_smile: I hope to finish the base of the hand this week, then bone it (I’ve never boned a mesh before since I mostly do stills, but this one will require it).

Originally posted by JamesMK

  • OK, so cut the red cable!
  • Are you sure?
  • No no no, wait a minute, maybe it’s the green one!
      • [/B]

You know what they say – when in doubt cut the one in the middle! Or do the classic: hover over the red cable and when it’s 2 secs left, change your mind and cut the yellow instead. Always works.