Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Aaron Reid


Aaron Reid has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


Well well Mixolydian…glad to see that you are entering the challenge. This sounds like your cup of tea. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Concept image of nanobot swarm caught transmorgrifying between swarm/human form.


Freaky futuristic concept. I like it!

Show me some 3d!!!

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Good idea. But I think its is gonna be hard to make. You must make a viewer notice that they are nanobots without telling him.


Cool idea. Sounds a bit like the novel Prey.


WOW impressive scene!

It’s like an illustration of a book. Idea goes well with this excellent style of art.


– at133 – But I think its is gonna be hard to make. You must make a viewer notice that they are nanobots without telling him. –

I agree completely, which is why I will have to take some license to evoke that feeling, i.e. make some iterative process where globs of nanobots are forming larger structures in order to show the machine component, instead of just a cloud of nanites. Hopefully it won’t come out looking contrived. I also think I might add in other body parts in separate areas forming at the same time… torso, arms, legs.

thanks vrf

thanks Tremosite, your entry is looking fantastic!


head modeling in progress… first pass.


wireframe… poly’s.


You could try moving camera into one of the nanobots streams and focus it ont the head from that point.


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Beaufifull, concept! It will be a great piece of Art ! I had suggested something like that (Cloud of nanocreatures which form different parts) to someonelse, i hope you’ll finishing that ! It’s an Amazing Vision!


Ok very space your concept but i like it:surprised


Hey this is looking great! I love the expression on the person’s face. I am curious to see how you’ll do the nanobot swarms.

Post more soon please. :thumbsup: :bounce:


Nice work man!

Do you use something for symmetry? It looks assym, but it’s a very impressive way if you want to create a lifelike character with emotions and expressions. congarts!!:slight_smile:


modeling some structures for transmorph (tubular), I will be mixing alot of the tubular structure with particles, curve flow, and globular nanos, etc.


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