Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Aaron M. Dugan


Aaron M. Dugan has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.


ok im not a great at doing scetches but here is my consept, its going to be a young girl with half of her body cybernetic, i know its a little generic but it will get interesting i promise


Purpose; purpose is what this needs.


purpose, :shrug: didnt really think to much on the purpose, it was basicly going to be just to replace lost limbs, but now that some one asked for some purpose to it im goign to think some on it and ill post a better purpose than just replacement of lost limbs.


:wavey: ok got a purpose, instead of just to replace lost limbs, this is the purpose, its going to be for war, the govenment buys children from their parents, and turn the children into war machines, thinking that the enemy would have a problem killing a child. well thats all i could think of

i plain on doing more concept scetches here shortly while im working on the basic model.


:wavey: i think im going to try for an anime style for the whole thing, i think that will work good so im going to try and do a new consept art thing with the mechanical part alitle more anime


just a different idea on how to make the arms look


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