Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: Veera Luhtala


Veera Luhtala has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


I thought I should go for the art history approach, because I hadn’t that many ideas but I had to do something.

I lifted a piece from a Rubens picture on the net, and used that as a palette - which is a bit of a cheat. Or is it?


Sheesh, that turned out big!

I didn’t check the level of the works here before entering. Some stuff here is so good that it’s almost intimidating. And some of the discussions in the other forums were quite scary too.

I’m doing my stuff at home without a net connection, so I’ll probably be somewhat sporadic in my updates.


This one is definitely very much underdone, but I’m putting it up because I like seeing the progression from the very early stages.


Er, the progression of others is what I enjoy looking at. My own is mostly just painful. To me. I wouldn’t know about others.


The concept here is that the machine in itself isn’t too easy on the eyes, so it needs the flesh for a cover - which is even more gruesome.

I’m not too sure that this idea follows the instructions that well, but I quite like the direction this one is taking.


In case I run into trouble with my other line of inquiry, there’s this one.

I thought this up in a drunken stupor when I really could’ve used an extra leg, and an extra hand. The chappie should be drunk too, and he should have more stuff on his hands, but that can be arranged easily enough.


Ho hum. Now I have the machine, but where’s the flesh?


Flesh - check, machine - check, idea - …

Well, there <i>is</i> the gratuitous nekkid lady…

And there’s seven days left. I’ve yet to complete a Wacom thingie, and this one isn’t very likely to go that far.


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