Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: simon frédéric


simon frédéric has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


Finally I go.
Mister potato sings his love to Miss potato. But it is “flat” and it is “cruciform”. is their love possible?


he is “cruciform” and she is “flat”.
This time, their love becomes really impossible…:cry:


Mr Potato Needs some lovin’:cry: im crying coz im laughing so hard. I love the concept, very funny indeed.

I would suggest that Mr potato hasnt given up with his current “Phillips Head” attachment. You could show a trail of so called attachements that havent worked, some Allen Keys, chissels, drill attachments, routers, grinders etc. its endless. Keep the updates coming.

Oh and WELCOME! to the competition:thumbsup: :beer: :beer: :beer:


A small cleaning.
Following stage: the layout.


A small test of colors before passing to the “serious” things…


Gotta love how the fleshy bits are riveted to the metal bits. :slight_smile:

All this potato business has got me hungry for some deep-fried spud.
Maybe when Mr and Miss Potato work things out attachment compatibility wise you could throw a few of their offspring in the deep-fryer for me.



I really like the idea in this one. It looks like the perspective is off on the philips head though. Usually on something this cartoony it wouldn’t bother me; however, it’s pretty much the main focus, so it’s bugging me a little.


Just a little “pervert” critic : your characters seem to be robots disguised in human. Especially the hand color treatment.:curious:

:thumbsup: I wish I had been able to realize such a funny picture for my own machine flesh .


Thank you for all these comments :wink:
Even if that will not be seen in the next stages, I will take account of your good remarks. :beer:

(if I write little, it is because my English is monstrous :blush: and that my potatos await me :stuck_out_tongue: )


inking in progress. One applies, one applies…


ouf! inking is finished!
now, let’s go to the color!
(Argh! 11 days…)


that gently starts to take life…


Dear Hephez,

very cool concept…can’t stop smiling. I’m glad to see this sort of perspective of the brief. You’ve obviously got a great sense of humour.

I like the execution…very appealing!



thank you Paul
Coming from a Master, that touches me much!! (excuse my English) :thumbsup:


Mister potato is happy : its love takes colors… :blush:


Now, I put potatos in scene. That will be the final format. I will finish the Miss before occupying me of the details. Like one advised it to me, I will integrate other elements for Mister potato (a corkscrew, a key…)


Great stuff, one of the most original entries I’ve seen on this forum! Stronger colours would be nice maybe?


Thanks for your comment fishermanDavis! :beer:
with regard to the colors, I will carry out some tests at the end, promised! :thumbsup:


All is in place. like one suggested it to me, I have densified certain colors (thank you fishermanDavis). Still some nuances on the tools (thank you sketchfiend) and I will be finally at the “final coloring”.
Yeah!!! Still 8 days !!!