Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: Rodrigo Silva Londero


Rodrigo Silva Londero has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


Dae Rodrigo! boa sorte cara!
good luck man!


Hei! testing the post system (i’m sorry for inexperience in foruns and the english language).



:hmm: my scanner is [DEAD]

I think in some ideas for this theme…

my method actualy is:

  1. I making a inventary of references about flesh, visceral components and anatomy references (human and animal)

  2. I think in photograph my own references of machines and eletric-mechanical dispositives, also the web images can help in the process…

  3. My brain is actualy allocating two principal ideas:

    3.1.a concept inspirated in a templary rider; [ cavaleiro templário ], combinating medieval theme whith religious cruzades, honor and justice systems and the objective precise: hunt and aniquilation of devils; your construction bio-mechanoid is projected for amply and potencialise your system of psico perceptions (like the Astral world, the oniric space) and the periferical senses like vision, audition and scent. this project also contain biological increments of other species for implement this power in the character.

(thanks vinicius menezes for this work, is inspirational man!)

3.2. a concept inspirated in a butcher, (meat cutter). a person whit lot of power to destruct and treatment of flesh. This person is brutal, and her danger factor is her INCONSIENSCE, your alienation and apathy. Your creation is product of a union the parts of dead and psico-corrupted human persons and machines.

well, at work!



I’m working inthe concept fundamented in “THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR”.


dae, Rodrigo, bem-vindo ao fórum, de minha parte, eheh.
Quero ver isso entrar em andamento, hein? vo tá acompanhando, abração

PS: dá uma olhada nisso e me diz o que tu acha. Valeu
Link pra seção WIP


hello people.

My scanner still is DEAD.:surprised

I have problems with the focus and resolution of the camera, but this are the first studies of the T.E.M.P.L.A.R. project.




sorry for inexperience.:rolleyes:

The first “blur” image:(the set of “photo session”)

and the first zoom in the “blur” image:

the second zoom. the details of sketches are extreme lossy and undefined…
The concepr is a mature soldier, age + or - 40 years old. the studies of anatomy are important; the “superdeformed” anatomy is inapropriate for this personality… Her power is a combination of sapiense, conscience and senses aprimorated by mechanisms and bio-electrical implants.


however I not have make substancial definitions for the concept, in the photoshop I make some colors experiment…

In this week I pretense buy a scanner… :hmm:


Wow Rodrigo!
This is coming out realy cool!
Hope U get a scanner fast so we can see it in a biger,better resolution.
Check out this sites, I belive U don’t know the first yet, and it would be a good reference I gess.


Feng Zhu’s page. U probably know

See’ ya!

PS: quero olhar de perto lá no cal esses desenhos!


Nice job you gotta going there!!!For the moment the last one makes me think a little bit of a viking!


Thanks Ville for the inestimable tips. Art by Feng is fantastic!

In the [CAL], wednesday, the drawings will be in your hands!

I made my own “book” of drawing, tradicional in the CAL… hehehe

The art of Pandar is AMAZING!!!:thumbsup:

Your references are THE MOST. Thanks!!!

OKMER, thanks for the collaboration… I will think in the viking theme.:slight_smile:


Hei guys, although the T.E.M.P.L.A.R. bio-system are programed to be a superior lifeform, with superior conscience and sense of honor, justice and grace… the METHOD used for the combat at devils are violent and without pain… decapitations are a good and effective system of aniquilation… :rolleyes:

the “blur” continues… :shrug:


The anterior post is corrupted. sorry.:surprised


Cool stuff!!
I have a sugestion, though:
It’ll be a mix of machine and flesh, right?
so I thought of a machine structure, simulating the toraxic (is that spelled right?) cage and other parts and the flesh part like one of the drawings U made, like showing the muscle strings.
Well, good luk in the contest!

PS: Yes the PANZAR project is amazing! (so is Zhu)


Thanks Ville for your suggests… I like very much the idea of uses the aspect “muscle strigs” in the flesh parts, but the concept of the T.E.M.P.L.A.R to make necessary the use of mechanical parts and eletronic implements in a NORMAL anatomy…

Is this important because the final machine is a artificial cyber-biological system, and some the ESSENCIAL and UNIQUE parts of human person and inteligence to be used for this composite. This natural systems are impossible for the machines to copy;

Then this human parts - includes hands, thorax (whith heart, the vertebral column and the neurological system), face and brain must be normal and very expressive, because are engaged in perform the principal function in the person: incorporate the POWER of consciense, whit some paradoxes : FORCE and NICENESS of human power, the VIOLENCE and FAITH, the ABSOLUTE CHASTITY and PRUDENCE… VALOR of the authentic TEMPLAR KNIGHT, the guardian of the SECRET DOUTRINE…

Maybe the “exposed flash” remove this power and expressivity… I think in a style more dramatic, and the reality aspect of a human…

Well, about the concept, I pretense publish more details…



your friend

LONDERO. FORCE MAN!!!:thumbsup:


Man your sketches rocks!
I’ve seen the first one on CAL already, but the others are really cool, the muscle studies and the last one are kickassing, lol.
Well, as a tip, i thinking in some mechanical hands, the ones that makes the “dirty jobs” have to be mechanical, i dont know if i make myself clear, but, think in some mechanical hands, and also in one of them bigger than the other, like a big mech glove or something…hehehe i talk too much…hehehehe

Keep the good job



I dont know if my comments are going to the forum…


CAra, ta ficando massa!!
Great job man, keep up that excelent work!


Ok, I’m going to Carazinho city. Wednesday I’ll be back…

then, I’ll make more studies about expressive poses and mechanical parts.


:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: hehehehe

Orlando [the YOYOMAN], que satisfação!!! Great idea, I’will think about the “mechapower implements… in the right hand… the POWER and JUST HAND of the T.E.M.P.L.A.R. rider”


Vinicius, the master… Thanks for your incentive… :thumbsup:

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