Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: Niklas Rhöse


Niklas Rhöse has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


Now this is going to be fun! Good luck to all of you :wavey:


Just some quick sketches…I have a few ideas that I´ll try to develop simultaneosly before I decide wich one to continue with.


Okay, here´s the concept:
Ages ago man started to enhance herself with electonic and biomechanic parts, to make up for mother natures original shortcomings. However, as the nanotechnology evolved, these augumentions became an integrated part the human DNA, and were passed on from generation to generation following the laws of evolution. A new spieces was born…the Homo Machineus.

A note on the image:
I don´t know if this is something I’ll continue working on. I need a way to visualize my concept of the total fusion between man and machine…but I don´t know quite how yet. I´ll probably try out and dismiss dozens of ideas before I come up with something worth going with :slight_smile:


Just som color tests…still nothing serious :slight_smile:


I´m thinking of maybe using this layout and pose…we´ll see what happens :slight_smile:


I think this is the basic composition and poses I´ll use. It feels like a good idea to bring a Homo Machineus child into the image. It shows that this spieces actually breed somehow, and that they are not just enhanched humans but something else. Plus, the kid gives the image a more “human” feel wich hopefully can allow me to go wilder on the machine parts without loosing the man/machine balance :slight_smile:


Slowly starting to outline the characters in Illustrator. I´m still keeping the detail level low, since most of the finer details will be added in the coloring process…


nice idea, really like how this one is looking.

keen to see more.


Thanks olidale :slight_smile:
yea, I like the concept myself but I´m a little worried I may be out of focus since it´s not a clearly enchanced character, but more of a man/machine blend on the genetical level. I may have to add some more “features” maybe…I´ll see.
Thanks for the feedback!


good flow from the machine parts to the human anatomy. i like how you’re keeping it organic as opposed to really industrial looking.



very awesome linework! you have a really steady hand, great amalgamation of the organic and inorganic . i think pastel colours really would work with it!



Thanks for the comments and compliments guys!

@the_mighty_m: Actually I did some coloring test last night (nothing worth uploading yet) and I think soft pastel tones is the way to go too.


I´m still quite unsure what color schemes to use, but I´m trying some bright warm skin tones. This is also a little test on some subtle underlying machine textures…


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