Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Monsit Jangariyawong has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


Hi ,there, I think I’m late , this is the layout of my composition , my main concept is , in the future , human use machine to fullfill their imagination in different form of art , this is a pair of dancer , they lost their body in war , but they still want to dance ! so , the machine is their answer !!


this is the compositon I choose to develop , comments are welcome!!


i like your composistion, it has a very fluid feeling and i think if thats the idea, you are trying to get across, then you have hit the nail on the head.
looking very nice

ps i enjoyed your thumbs, i like your thought process.


Good sketches…and very nice idea…cool and peace idea…I like it.
Go on man, 'ld like to see more.


yeah, me too… :slight_smile:


I absolutely LOVE your loose pencil work… nice energy, great pose and character design! Looking forward to seeing updates on this one. :beer:


Love your pencilwork and the compositin youve chosen looks awesome, i cant wait to see what your up to. Ill be watch out for this one. :thumbsup: :beer: :bowdown: :smiley:


here is the coloring wip , comments are welcome!!


It’s pretty obvious you dont want me to win anything.

Hey XIA also did character with multiple arms. You should check out his stuff also.

Ill be waiting for them colors. I dont think it will take that much time when youre doing them. :wavey:

Nice loosely lines. Why did you decided to change the pose?


Hi , many thanks for your comments ,here is the update of my entry


Nice Style, I like the looseness of it.:thumbsup:


Bags of potential!!!

Strive on!



YEAH ! Very nice ! I love the concept with divinity/human/machine ! And the drawing is just great ! I hope that you’ll finish this ! :bounce: :bounce:


hi , this is another progress ,need your comments


aaah come on, what are you waiting for ? i want this pic finished NOW !!!
…uuuhh just can’t wait to see the final pic, i simply WORSHIP your talent :bounce:


hi! this is coloring so far , still have little time to fine tune , need more comments guys!!


hi! this is coloring so far , still have little time to fine tune , need more comments guys!!


Nice piece, like the composition a lot. I think maybe some heavier contrast could help as the shapes don’t quite stand out enough in some places? Just my two cents.



I agree with fishermanDavis, the characters blend into the background too much. Perhaps a bit of rim lighting to define their edges would help. It’s looking good though. They’re really dancing up a storm! :rolleyes: