Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: laverdet


laverdet has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


all my thread has been deleted by recent attack!.. well, the idea was a little guy, not very heroic, to say the last, who has been modified (not very well done) to be able to fly…


the first colored doodle of the character


now he has, (I hope) more identity


I don’t know if i paint birds around him, and if the are “cartoon”, like here, or realists…


maybe behind him??.. it is just a doodle, but if correctly painted, it can be fun!..


last step yesterday of the character!..


i think that suit is more adapted to his adventuring life!..


Il est terrible ! J’adore! arf! He’s got a typical french face…warf warf warf


the background… I’ve done it in 3d, as drawing that stuff in pure perspective would be a time consuming task,…but,… I’ve seen that others challengers have done that, in 2d thread, but is it sure it is allowed? it is definitively in the actual workflow to get the complicated perspective with the 3d tools, but in a challenge it’s necessary to have an answer!..


I don’t know what to do with my precedent painting… the fact that I’ve gone to 3d for background, (and I have no taste at all to repaint all these iron lines)…mmm… so many trade off, in life… as I pursue my entry in 3d challenge, in pure 3d, maybe I’m going to paint here a very "expressionnist"painting, in the style of the great comics covers of the 70ies… the character becoming progressively iron…


after 10 minutes of wacom… it would be an interesting drawing, but in fact I don’t see clearly why to go to a machine… the idea seems just not so right, when painting…


ok… at the end, I think I’m going to paint thgis one: it’s a girl, her arm and (maybe) legs are metal, and behind her there is people in metal… something about beautie as queen of danger and lost worlds… pfiouu…


well, I’m comfortable with that project… the fact to go on, in the same time, on the 3d challenge, is more difficult than I thought… but I prefer to be on a very painterly approach, now… and I am interested by the suggered part of the pict!..


more work on the background’s character…


usually, I go directly into the painting process, without drawing before… but, as I’m searching for a very appealant head, in contrast with the mechanics arms, Ive done that drawing…hope you like it!..


Wow! Your paints are AWESOME!!! Great colours and concepts! Will be keeping an eye on your progress… nice stuff! :bowdown:


more painting… in this sort of painting, I thgink it’s umportant to have parts without definition… wher things are onluy sugered… Hope you like…



You really are a fantastic colorist, I really like the detail you use and am impressed with how well you do the human form in color. Much Repsect in that regards. In regards to your question: I dont think you are allowed to use 3d in your scene. What you can do though im pretty sure is use 3d as a guide with perspective and shapes and go from there. Anyhow, look forward to updates.



Thank you Sel for your warm comments!.. I just finish that little sketch… the mood is, imo, interesting… and I am neartly at the end of irongirl… the story here is a sort of fugitive, of course half machine half flesh, sort of idea where the flesh part is also a “savage” one… in the bakcground, a megalopole, but just seeible… Maybe I’ll paint it… I paint with a lot of pleasure, as I use 3d since about 2 years, and I “go back” to the feeling of painting which was a litle forgotten!..