Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: Emmanuel Charon


Emmanuel Charon has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.


this my first sketch for this contest.
The script is : Foxes and gooses are (maybe) the only survivors on Earth.
I’ll try to draw this in a funny way…

-Sorry for my poor english-


hehe , good choice , especially the fox , that’s pretty original :slight_smile:


Here are some studies for my goose-o-matic. I think they should look like a mix between flesh and mechanical lego parts.


The mechanical lego part for the leg.


The gosse’ head may be the only flesh part of this animal.


The story is going to be more complex (and more silly, too):

  • Years ago, two kids manipulated gooses to build a soccer team. This team would beat all the soccer teams in the world, but… soccer was not enough for this these animals. A world war occured between the gooses and the mechanical foxes who were created to eradicate the threat. That’s all for the moment.

— sorry, there’s no fox at this time, they’re comming soon.


Pretty cool- it’s great that you’re bringing in a fresh idea!
I can’t wait to see the foxes…


dey kill da foxis ??? NOOOOO!!!

man …

o I think also first idea was way more
silly than fox - goose soccer … umm …

quickedit : wild action scene that last pic ,
cool ! :thumbsup:


My firs concept for the foxes. Maybe too “hard science” …


Very nice concepts ! These are very funny I think you totally get the point ! But I don’t think you need them to play soccer …


In fact, I don’t really think that soccer will be the main point of my final picture.
But there will be some of “ancient” sport “artifacts” like shoes, balls, etc.,

– Actually, I’m not a soccer addict –


:thumbsup: Cool fox - really funny!!!


yea I like the the fox design , knew I would :slight_smile: , thanks :slight_smile:


After a couple of weeks, going back to the picture.


Added some gooses but foxes are still missing. I’ll draw them chasing and surrounding the whole group.


Ye,this is really a great & funny idea!!like this last sketch a lot!,and yes,ithink that(even if he is great:)that the fox is a little 2 hard science


This is beautiful. I love the concept and the design as well. I can’t wait to see more. Amazing, simply amazing! :thumbsup:


wow, I really like that last sketch :buttrock:


Great pic. You have really captured the movement well. Can’t wait to see more.:applause: