Machine Eve, Bin Wee (2D)


Title: Machine Eve
Name: Bin Wee
Country: China
Software: Photo-Paint

The works was created for an exhibition,
This exhibition is a fantasy on the industry.
I hope everyone likes. Various views are welcome to comment.


There’s a lot of love in this painting I think! Nice drawing &
nice job working out the dual light sources. I also like the color palette you’ve chosen for the piece.

Great job!

I have one question… is she meant to be wearing a second “mechanical shirt” or is she meant to be “mechanical” underneath? If she is meant to BE mechanical, it would be great to see her edge broken up a little instead of smooth. I’d love to hear your answer :slight_smile:


First , thank you for your love.
I want to express a mechanical woman wearing the artificial skin in this works.
I am sorry for my poor English that I can not express the meaning more in English。


Well done!expect you more works big dad Wei!


Cool…what a truley attractive robot girl…^+++^


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