Mac osX emulator for windows


hi all, I found this link on and thought that maybe somone here might also like to know…

No intrest to me other than I thought it was kinda cool…+ I own a mac anyway.

links under pic

if this is old news sorry


So it would be possible to run FCP on a pc! just really really slowly…


It does work, but it’s really slow, so slow it’s unusable. It’s early days though and is really a proof of concept I think.

Not sure about the long term plans, or how ut will improve, also, one of the developers died recently when he got hit by a train.


Well… thats cool.

BTW thanks for your friends SNs on MSN. hahaha j/k


and I’ve been here checking ardi’s website for eons in hopes that it would get off the ground some time… doubt it ever will


And we want to use it because??? …its pretty?


because there is some mac only software out there that has no pc equivalent…


Oh. I thought it was mostly the other way around. (Just teasing you, don’t shoot)


yeah, heard abut it while ago - also heard about its’ speed… or lack thereof


Shouldn’t this be something done below the windows level? Running an operating system in an emulator, on top of another operating system is bound to be slow and there probably is now possible way to bring it up to useable speeds.


A litle benchmark I got from a user on PearPC mailing list.
Version 0.3 will be the first with Altivec support, I think. And it’s still very early in development.

15-juin PPC G4 ------------------ 19.7----20.3----24.8----13.6
15-juin AMD 2Ghz PearPC 0.2 ----- 0.34----0.17----0.2----0.8
26-juil AMD 2Ghz PearPC pre 0.3 – 2.07----1.07----1.92----4.24

Also, regarding speed and emulating OSX, I read QEMU is very close to make it, and is said to be faster than PearPC.



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