Mac G5 speed question


Hi there, I’m wondering if many of you use a G5 mac. I’ve just bought the latest one, dual 2GHz with 2GB ram.(didn’t have enough for the bigger one, and was wary of the liquid cooling) don’t know which video card, it’s just the standard one that comes with it. It’s 30% faster than my old dual 1.25 GHz 1GB G4 which was slightly dissapointing! I only use global lighting now, so I have big, long renders even with the G5. Does anyone have any suggestions on boosting it up a bit more?


The default graphics card is a complete joke to all CG people. So, you should change that in near future, but that will not decrease your render time.

It is wierd that all you gained is 30 %. Are you sure? I mean, I work often on the dual 2ghz g5s and they are pretty fast, to me, as fast as the dual 3.2 Xeon. Cant really tell the difference…


Huh? A dual 3.2 Xeon should be way faster–at least in terms of rendering. Around 30-40%.


Hmm, maybe it is, but I actually didnt notice that… Never done any real tests on both machines, but the “speed feeling” is quite the same.


yes Byla, sad but true! I had one big image I was rendering with HDRI- on the G4 it was 24 hours and the G5 about 17 and a bit. still almost a working day difference I guess!
and AdamT…30-40%!! that sort of news makes me want to go and have a good cry!


Check out this site here for a list of Cinebench tests done on all current machines.

These are slightly misleading in that the high end scores for the G5’s are done with the optimised version of Cinebench, which although demonstrating their actual speed potential, is not what is currently available in the actual Cinema app yet. But even so, working on the unoptimised version of Cinebench, your new mac should be around 1.5 to 2x as fast as your old one!?

I am awaiting delivery of a 2.5 dual G5, which is roughly 5x faster than my current 1Ghz G4, and even more with optimisations!

As you can see for those benchmarks, there is very little difference in rendering speed between a dual Xeon at the upper end, although again (before some irate PC lover pounces on me for nat saying it repeatedly :rolleyes: ) take into account the added speed of the optimisations.

Don’t get hung up on ‘30% faster on a dual Xeon 3.2’, there are many more benefits to a Mac and OSX than just speed, and even then they often ‘seem’ faster for some reason - but anyway, you already knew that right!? :wink:


Waitig for my G5 2.5 too. It’s a pity Apple/IBM let its users wait and wait. First waiting for the revB machines (expecting the 3.0 :cry: ) to be announced and now waiting for the actual shipment. The first batch will reach customers this week finally. Mine will probably arrive in september. Who knows we will have an optimised C4D by then???



Who knows we will have an optimised C4D by then???

Unlikely :confused:


After working on an iMac G4 800 mhz for so long, I’ve decided to go for a lease on a G5 so I can just get the latest machine every 2 years.

I can’t think of a better industry to do this with except if I were gaming. I crave Ghz.


Well the first thing I would do is get Sniper Pro for all of your previewing as you build out the scene. Then I’d optimize your scene as best i could (since I assume you are doing print, only model what is seen). (sniperpro:

I’d also highly recommend rendering with MultiPass to the .PSD format so you can tweak your lights, specular, shading, reflections, etc to your hearts content in post.

GI just takes time regardless of the system you are on…and since it’s for print…all we can do is learn to be patient and wait for faster processors to come out. :slight_smile:

You could also experiment with creating light domes to illuminate your scene in order to bypass the overhead of GI rendering.



Don’t get hung up on ‘30% faster on a dual Xeon 3.2’, there are many more benefits to a Mac and OSX than just speed, and even then they often ‘seem’ faster for some reason

and c4d is not the only 3d tool on the market.


well, for the Mac it is the most stable. :drool:



Maybe you’re disappointed because you already had quite a reasonable machine.
I finally upgraded last year to a G5 2x2GHz 2GbRAM Radeon9800 which gave me an incredible 11x speed boost. (But then my previous computer was …a beige G3 !)

Still, having had a slow machine gives you the discipline of minimising your meshes, cutting out unnecessary reflections and shadows and reducing detail in background objects, etc etc. If you get lazy because you know you have a faster computer, you lose some of that speed improvement. We all do it though, I expect.

Can’t wait for that C4D G5 optimisation.



But then again I think you’ll find the title on this forum is CINEMA 4D so the original posts comments about perfomance on his new G5 and comments relating to it by other posters regarding Cinema would seem appropriate.

Of course, we all know there are other 3D tools on the market and many of the forum members use them, and I’m sure each program has a different performance hit dependant on system and configuration so whats your problem mattin ? :~)


Well the first thing I would do is get Sniper Pro for all of your previewing as you build out the scene.

Couldn’t agree more - I bought it last week, and my god, the speed of test renders is amazing - even with radiosity, and this is still on my 1Ghz G4, on the new G5. it will be awesome I suspect!! :slight_smile: - very cool useful tool!


thanks all for your helpful comments- I’ve thought about sniper pro, and really should get it-I tried the demo once and it was incredible.and Dan22-you’re dead right! since getting the G5 I’ve been pushing it to the hilt-I loaded my current project onto the old machine, and it would barely move! so I guess that says something.


sniper pro is great… BUT please paul, make it so that it openes at the same aspect ratio as the camera, or at least the editor. it always opens all wachy and then i need to adjust the scale of the window. major pain.


SniperPro is great, I use it my self, but you could also speed up regular small testrenders by having a small extra viewwindow open and toggle to some really fast rendersettings.
Often it goes even faster than Sniper if you learn your settings.



Except that the optimized version is just shy of a 3.0 GHz Xeon, which is no longer upper end… the upper end is now the 3.6 GHz Nocona with an upgrade memory bus (800 MHz vs 533).

2.8 GHz is now the low end of the Xeon DP line. :slight_smile:


Wel thats as maybe - I was going on that benchmark list, and there is only Dual 3 to 3.2Ghz Xeons ahead of the optimised G5 2.5, other than overclocked Xeons of course.

It’s all pretty annoying to me at the moment anyway since despite ordering the best Mac available nearly 2 months afo, I still havent recieved it, and I don’t have the foggiest idea when it will come now, other than that it ‘should’ be this month… so, although it will be ‘cutting edge’ as a Mac. it will be a little more blunt in the scheme of things! lol!