M3 is rolled out!!


Hi all!! :wavey:

A few days before, I’ve released Miranda Ver.3 – M3 – Muscle-Rigged Base Figure for Maya 2013.
If you have interest on the way of Muscle Rig, please take a look at my original site.

Everyone is welcome!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Looks interesting.

Your forum Capcha seems to hate me tho’ :cry:


Sorry about reCAPTCHA, and I’m planning to replace it to another CAPTCHA.

For now, would you read the instruction in the final section of the front page, and give me a e-mail to register you manually?

Thanks in advance.


this looks interesting… I will send an email too. I would like to use this to setup poses so I have a nice reference for freehand drawing. That may seem odd to do, but find good reference images for muscle structure in a particular position is very very hard to do unless you have a live model.


Thnx for your comments.

I’ve replaced the CAPTCHA to the new one, and it will be a lot easier to register.
Would you try it?



Yup new method works for me :slight_smile:


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