m is great but...


how can I prevent it from moving points that are not visible in a textured or hidden line view?

Often it happens to me that I cklick and drag a blue point but XSI drags a point I didn’t him to move. In LW it’s normal that I can only drag point that I see, so in wireframe all points in hiddel line on the points facing me.

Edit: And what can I do to have two identical camera views which have a different view mode, so cam in A is wireframe in B is textured, is this possible??



for the camera do a search, several methods have been suggested already.
best way to go is to have 2 cameras with one constrained to the other, but you will be able to manipulate only one of the two.

for the move points tool:
preferences>tools>selection>raycast in shaded mode(affects move point).

this was a RTFM question though, just browsing the preferences (first thing to do when you use a new app, to see how you can affect its behavior) would have brought you there.


sorry ThE_JacO, I went through the preferences severall times but I didn’t find it and usually I RTFM, but XSI is very complex you know, and sometimes I don’t know where to look and asking is faster then.

See, I would have bet that the cameraview thing would also have been only a preference I couldn’t find, but it’s a feature lack as it seems :smiley: .

Thank you for your patience.


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