M.Bison Bust, Donovan Keele (3D)


Title: M.Bison Bust
Name: Donovan Keele
Country: USA

Made this for a Street Fighter minichallenge, This was a huge challenge that was featured on the front pages of Capcom Unity and Kotaku!

I decided to do M.Bison because he’s such a psycho power monger and it would be a good challenge to try and convey that in 3D.


Niche shading & model!


Niceee ! shape and colors are really interresting ! my only crits will be for the size of the picture ( bad framing )




nice work 4 stars


Very nice modeling : )
two more days until StreetFighter 4 is released here, can’t wait


nice job, is this Zbrush render?


Nice modeling…!! :buttrock:


Thanks for the comments guys,

yes the rendering was done with zbrush. then a bit of post production in photoshop.


Wow !!! Great sculpt and shading.Beautiful image.:thumbsup:

Mutant Dog


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