Lyned, mitch ernst (3D)


Title: Lyned
Name: mitch ernst
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

this was a personal exercise in hi res modeling and rendering, i tend to stick to simpler forms but this proved to be a fun project and very educational in different techniques and tools.


Awesome work! my only crit is that the image is too bright and washed out


I would say the same thing. Great picture but too bright ! It hurts my eyes :wink: !


:cool: … damn nice work, thx for sharing :thumbsup:


I really like this image, the whole design seems well thought out. Perhaps a little bright, but I really like the colours and the vibrancy.



Very nice. I love the colors and textures. While the brightness does wash it out some I think it gives the feeling of the temperature being really hot. Maybe a little less brightness would still give that feeling without washing out the colors.


wow, Very nice, I like colors, style and the glow too.


I love it.


such a happy image!
excellent! :slight_smile:


I actually like that it’s this bright, but that’s just me. My crit that stands out to me is the ‘reflection’ (if that’s what it is) on the mountain on the right. Don’t know if it actually is reflection but it does give me that feel. And on rocks and mountains, reflection is the last thing you’d expect on a sunny and dry day.

But really nice image, I like it a lot. Love cartoony stuff like this.


awesome first post :bowdown:

maybe it’s my monitor, but it looks fine here :love:


awesome work, reminds me of triplets of belleville


this is so breathtaking :slight_smile:
i love the color scheme you chose



Great work :slight_smile:

  • Ty


Great work and very great design!! :smiley:


Wow! This is a beautiful image with a great style!

However, even after looking at it for a bit, I’m still not sure what the story is. On first look, I thought this was a truck that sold oranges. Except for the small and hard to read “cycles”, nothing about that logo makes me think about bicycles. I had to look pretty hard to get that. Once I understood that, I still don’t quite get the story. Why is there a bike leaning up against the fence and the truck and nobody fixing the tire? The only thing I can figure is that the people on the truck said “screw it, lets go ride our bikes around!” But that’s just a guess.


This is beautiful! I know a few people have already told you, but the image really is very bright, have you tested it on a few different monitors, maybe the one you were working on is dim and you just didn’t realize how bright it was.

Regardless, absolutely beautiful work, thanks for inspiring.



Thank you very much everyone, it is very motivating reading that you all(almost) enjoyed the work. I agree that the image is bright but it was meant to be that way, maybe I took it to far but I am happy with it so no regrets. Also it will make me think twice about the lighting next time I do a bicycle repair truck in the desert.

Everyone keep up the great work, I really enjoy being inspired.



Great work! love those colors.


I lub it (not a typo :D)