Lynch, Balazs Kiss (3D)


Title: Lynch
Name: Balazs Kiss
Country: Denmark
Software: Lightwave 3D, mental ray, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

This is a detail of the final render I did for the Gameinformer magazine.The guy is one of the main character of our game “Kane & Lynch”.
I used xsi, lightwave for modeling, Zbrush for the details, and Mental Ray for the rendering.Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share too many details about this one, but I hope you will like it anyway:)



Here is a testrender I did earlier without expressions, effects, etc…


And a shaded screencap from XSI :



wow ! !excellent job , the zpass is simply excellent , the shaders and texture too
:slight_smile: very good job
4* for me


so Great Work. Very Clean.

Hamed katebi


nice work!! iike it very much!


fantastic work mate. can u post ur shader network please? is that a displacement map on the face? Do u use any special kind of connections to get the displacement to work so well in xsi? And also is that a fast skin shader on the face?

oops sorry didnt read ur note on not being able to share details. but do share with us what u can.



this rock…infinity. awesome job :applause:


Great character I love this game almost for this charismatic guy :wink: I saw some fantastic videos from GC 5*:buttrock::beer:


Owww! man thats …thats…great :scream:.
You are so talented .


Oh my god!

exellent work dude !


Excellent character, very realistic, and the expression…6 stars!


:thumbsup: 5 stars for the killers…!

(and what about the orks?)

all the best: kornél


Damn, totally impressive! 5 stars. :thumbsup:


Sick rendering. The beard is freakin’ awesome, unbelievable realistic!
The SSS on the front-guy is a nice touch (if you have used it then hehe)



wow… excellent… bring this one to front page


its so great Modeling a Head and renderig
**** men how did you render this so nice Renderign


amazing work !:buttrock:


top notch work!
i love it!


simply mindblowing ! thanks for showing us this, and yup, it deserves a frontpage plug without a doubt !


That’s amazing, it reminds me of 1984 for some reason. It looks so real, alive, and emotional.

One question though: why, why use so much grain in the big render? It totally ruins the otherwise amazing image imo…